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    I’ve just installed the theme and sample data on an existing site which we are changing. Some issues have come up following installation which I can’t seem to be able to fix.

    -In terms of navigation, everything seems to be working fine except when you click on products. Something is broken here and instead of loading up the navigation for ‘Products’ (Add New etc etc…), I get a Gateway Timeout 504 error. It doesn’t happen when wanting to go to any of the other options or pages in the WordPress panel, only when you click on Products. It also didn’t happen with the old theme which was there so it seems to be some conflict specifically with this theme.

    -I’ve tried to set up the minimal layout as shown in the demo but for some reason the home page will not co-operate and instead just has a list of some layout options, without the actual boxed layout or the footer (boxed layout and footer have been selected). The home page also seems to grey out when it finishes loading for some reason. Could you please advise on how to fix this and get the layout to show up as per that demo.

    -Finally, I understand that with the sample data import, no images are uploaded to the site only the plugins etc… We have done the upload and immediately after it (and without any images at all loaded on the site or backend), the site’s load speed shot up to 20+ seconds to load. We never had this sort of issue with our original theme which was a much older and clunkier design. Of course once we load up all of our product data and pictures as well as the blog, the site speed will blow out to even worse than this. Could you please advise what is causing this drag on the speed – are there some conflicts or issues with the downloaded plugins in the backend at the moment?  I am aware of the usual tips and tricks to help speed up websites but when we trialed some of them such as minifying javascript, they simply broke the site or the store. In any case, such a slow site speed would point to some significant backend issue. Not sure that some site optimiser plugin would get that speed down to let’s say 5 seconds.

    I have added temporary admin credentials for you to access the backend.

    Thank you in advance for your replies.


    Hi netmined,

    Thank you for choosing our theme.

    Sorry because inconvenience.

    I try to deactivate all plugin and only activate plugin WooCommerce and default theme “Storefront” it still very slow to load your site.

    Which hosting you’re using? Could you try to contact with hosting support and check your server CPU, RAM. Because when CPU overload the site will be slow.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    Thank you for your mail.

    Actually on the storefront theme you loaded, though the site is still slow, it is much faster than before.

    We ran some tests too from Pingdom which are attached.

    On storefront, no plugins activated, load is 14.74 seconds.

    On Claue, no plugins activated, load is 12.72 seconds.

    On Claue, theme plugins only activated, load is 44.51 seconds.

    So the speed issue is somewhere in the plugins which come with the theme.

    How did you get on with the Gateway timeout issue on the products and the other layout issues? Its possible that the fixing the gateway timeout may help the load speed too.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible as we need to keep working on the site since its already live.

    Many thanks in advance, much appreciate it.


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    1. Could you tell me which hosting package you’re using for your site?

    Did you contact with hosting supporter? Your site load without plugin still very slow

    As normal our demo site and my clients who use our theme for their site load in 3-8s with plugins installed http://take.ms/qurt6

    2. Could you try deactivate plugin one by one and check the load time?

    Best regards



    We use Siteground. We have other sites with them on the same server and there are no issues with those. I have contacted them and they advised that the issue appears to be the plugins – basically too many of them.

    How did you go with the Gateway timeout error on the products? Fixing this bug may also help with fixing the initial load time.

    We will go through and try to run the plugins one by one but can you please review the Gateway timeout error and advise in the interim – this was the top priority and the main reason for our post.

    Thanks again.



    So we’ve run a speed test of all the plugins one by one.

    Regenerate Thumbnails, Metaslider and Instagram shop score a bit worse by a few seconds but nowhere near the total with all plugins active which just now registered 33 seconds. So the overall slowness would seem to be an accumulated issue – when all the plugins are active on the site.

    How did you go with the Gateway Timeout issue – could you please advise a fix on this as this is currently rendering the theme useless and is stopping us from moving on to fix the other issues.

    Thanks again



    I check your site and see it now the speed improved and faster. Please use plugin Autoptimize and Super Cache to optimize Js file http://take.ms/WNnnK

    Best regards


    For the issue with 504 Gateway Timeout please refer this topic https://www.lifewire.com/504-gateway-timeout-error-explained-2622941

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your reply. Whatever you did in fixing the layout seems to have also fixed the Gateway timeout issue on the products. Unfortunately the slow initial load time is still there. Siteground have investigated and advised that it is definitely something within the theme, most likely the plugins.

    We will try some caching and optimisation options for this but may need to reopen this thread with you if these don’t help.

    Thanks again!


    Hi Netmined,

    Could you try delete all plugins and reinstall again. Because we don’t have issue like yours.

    Let me know if you need any help.

    Have a nice day!



    I already did this when I was testing the speed on each plugin and it didn’t help. Though each plugin one by one was relatively slow, there were only two or 3 (see above post) which were a little slower but nothing that stood out.


    Could you try reinstall WordPress and reinstall all plugins.

    All of our customers use siteground i check their site all good, it only you have this issue.

    Best regards


    We’ve done some optimisation on the server side. We also use the Siteground servers in Singapore as opposed to the northern hemisphere since our customers are located in Australia as well as EU and US.

    Could you please let us know how the site load time compares now to what it typically is for your other customers?

    Many thanks


    I only check the time loaded site on your site and other customer site. I see your site load time now more better than the start.


    The speed seems to go up and down with each test so still not great. But my question was – on average what kind of load times in seconds are your cusomers’ sites with Claue getting? Are we really below average, average, above average etc…?


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