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    So Hi I contacted via the themeforest listing and asked about the blogs appearance. Themeforest username elephant2009

    1. I asked about the gap between the blog sidebar and main right hand side content. I’ve currently got mine set to 70% and added .mb__100 { margin-left: 40px !important; } to my custom css. You said this will cause issues.  http://idleuwi.com/blog/ If you could have a look and tell me what would be best. I like its current appearance so if it could look like this but not cause issues this would be great.
    2. I also asked about tags been shown under the post on the main blog list page. You answered “Please copy file content.php in claue > views > post to claue-child > views > post

      and add below code to line 11

      <?php jas_claue_get_tags();?>”

      Where exactly is this please, I couldn’t find it, is this going to effect updates, would I need to do this each time I update the theme?

    3. On the http://idleuwi.com/blog/ page also, how do I get rid of the + icon next to category options, I’d rather use something else here like – or if not have nothing at all.
    4. On a page with a video http://idleuwi.com/ducktails-map-to-the-stars-official-video/ there a big space at the top from the title and video, is this because of featured image, can this be reduced for when no featured image is used?
    5. Lastly is a question about the video on http://idleuwi.com/ducktails-map-to-the-stars-official-video/ again, can the video and content below be aligned as currently is show the video in the middle but the content is wider.


    Kind Regards,





    Hi Phil,

    1. Please remove the code you add because it affect to other element and add below code to add more space between sidebar and blog content

    .jas-blog .posts {margin-left: 40px;}

    2. Please install claue-child.zip included in package you download from ThemeForest and copy file content.php in “claue > views > post” to “claue-child > views > post” and edit file content.php

    3. Please go to Settings > Sharing and check on the field you want show icons.

    4. Please add below code to Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .single-post.postid-6462 .page-head {padding: 50px 0;}

    5. Please add below code

    .single-post.postid-6462 .post-content {text-align: center;}

    Best regards


    Hi , thanks for this. Just a couple of things.

    2. So I’ve managed to install the child theme and went into my back end and located the contents.php file in the parent theme but didn’t see any Views directory in the child theme, do I create this directory and in that create another one Post to paste in the copied file?

    3. Not sure what you mean here, I’m talking about the + sign  for categorys shown here http://take.ms/ToXtvN I went to Settings > Sharing but only saw it about social icons.



    Hi Phil,

    2. You have to create the “views and post” folder in claue-child

    3. Sorry i miss understood. Please add below code to Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .sidebar .widget ul li::before {
    	display: none;
    .sidebar .widget ul li {
    	padding-left: 0;
    .sidebar .widget ul li li {
    	padding-left: 15px;

    Best regards

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    Hi Phil,

    Sorry for late reply.

    I help you fixed the issue with tag on blog list.

    Best regards

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