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    Another issue with the theme.
    The account sections do not load at all.

    Have installed a freshly downloaded version to verify that its not my theme customisation.

    Please advise how i can fix this issue.


    They didn’t do a build out for the customer pages (addresses, order history, order details) Tim…  you have to create them yourself.  That’s what I did.

    There is a little bit of info in an old thread that I started here re: the addresses page.  http://support.janstudio.net/forums/topic/customers-addresses-liquid/



    Thanks Ryan, I found that out myself also.

    Very slack of the developers/team. They created a custom login/register page, a half finished My Account dashboard and then neglected all the other pages. Not impressed.


    Right.  What is happening now is very out of the ordinary for these guys.  They had been very responsive and always helpful but over the last month seem to have, borrowing your word, become increasingly ‘slack’ in terms of providing support.  I’m so deep into my project that I cannot abandon Claue so I’m stuck – the variant switching is an absolute mess and that’s basically the one thing that I’m not able to gut out and rebuild on my own so I’m at the mercy of the developers coming around.

    If you are going to build out the account section on your own and aren’t a liquid expert be sure to read that thread I sent you the link to.  It took me a few hours that day to figure out how to put it all together and that github is great in terms of address management code but the key to it actually working is the bit of code I pasted in there that must be added to theme.liquid.

    Aside from the variants being entirely jacked (check out my posts on that complete with screen grabs – it’s almost laughable) do this… the search function is entirely unusable.  Go to their live demo https://claue-from-janstudio.myshopify.com/ and type the word “shirt”.  You’ll see what I mean.  Now this is something that I can rebuild on my own but I shouldn’t have to.  It’s why I paid for the template!  Just sloppy.

    All in all however the template is solid and I have built a beautiful website upon it but I’m beyond let down with the three crucial flaws (pop up has zero control options, search function is a mess, variant image switching simply does not work) and the lack of features (bottomless scroll to load more, back to top button, subscribe pop up that is actually usable, wish list, etc.).  If you are going to stick with Claue and are interested in building any of those latter features into your site I have found my own solutions for each and would be happy to share.

    Good luck!



    Hi guys,

    We have fixed this problem in the latest version, please download on themeforest and update for your store.

    We’re so sorry for the late.

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