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    I can’t see add to cart buttons and attribute selector on my products page. Also this cause default images to miss when i add variable product.

    There’re 4 sample products and they are simple products now. I switched variable products to simples to see main product image on product detail page. But my all products will be variable. Can you also make a variable product with default photo is shown.

    Added temporary admin info.


    Hi Dogagenc

    Thanks for use our product, We will check your issue right now. Please stay tuned


    Hey again,

    I saw you’ve played around on my website but still can’t see buttons. Any progress on this?


    Hi Dogagenc,

    We still debugging on your site, please stay tuned and so sorry for the unwanted inconvenience


    one question: Did you changed anything in our core theme?


    Cool, waiting to see it’s working.

    No, i didn’t change anything. I just uploaded your theme through WordPress panel.


    In fact, i was seeing those buttons when i uploaded your sample data. After that i deactivated and deleted all plugins (there were bunch of plugins from old themes) and then reinstalled all plugins those required by your theme. Everything’s look perfect except those buttons.


    Your problem was solved please check.

    BTW I’m also added a sample variable product for you here: http://iwood.com.tr/product/variable-product/


    Thanks, it’s working now!

    Is that something i might face in future? If so, can you explain how to solve it?


    Because you enable Catalog mode in WooCommerce Settings, When you disable it, all ecommerce feature on your site will be disabled

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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