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    I have a plugin called
    Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

    And it has a feature that you can turn on that if a customer is not logged in and they try to add product to cart, it will popup a screen required an email address from them.  once they add the email address, then the screen will disappear and the product will be added to cart.  The “Add to Cart Popup” by Claue comes up a second or two right after and once it does the “abandoned cart pro for woocommerce popup” freezes and you can not type in the email address.  the field is inaccessible.  so customer can never add to cart unless they already have account and are logged in.  Here is what the screen looks like when you try to add to cart and are not logged in.  Even though the email popup is in the front the field inaccessible with the Claue add to cart popup in background.  –??  

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    Just had to resubmit with “notify me of repies”… question is above



    I’m not sure to understand the problem which you have, because I have just checked, everything is fine. Could you please record a video to describe this problem?


    Ok here is video.  Basically what happens is if a customer is not registered on our site and they try to add a product to the cart both your ad to pop up screen as well as the email pop up from abandon cart plug-in pop up on screen.  And because of this, add to cart screen in Claue popping up it makes email pop up inaccessible you cannot type the email address in it’s just frozen there



    Thank you for your video. Please try to use the custom CSS code below

    .wcap-atc-modal-open .mfp-ready { display: none; }



    OK I tried that and  now when I add to cart your  add to cart pop up  doesn’t appear.  The email pop-up comes up and I’m able to enter email address   And after I do it takes me back to the product detail page then I press add to cart again and get this error message you see here



    Ok i tried that, your “add to cart popup”  didn’t popup this time and i was able to enter email address, but then after i did it took me back to product detail page as if I hadn’t added it to cart.  So i pressed “add to cart” on product detail page again and got this message below.  Your add to cart page never showed up.  the white line says “undefined” on the it but you may not be able to see it here.



    any solution?


    i’m sorry we don’t find solution. Could you try contact with plugin author.


    Did you managed to solve this problem? I am planning to get the same plugin.

    Have you tried checking “Redirect to the cart page after successful addition” and unchecking “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives” and “Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on product detail”? The settings can be found in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display.

    Does it work this way?

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    Hi @bestfitbybrazil,

    Please try go to WooCommerce > Setting > Product > Display > Add to cart behavior and uncheck 2 last field and let us know if the plugin work.



    neither way works.  now doesn’t show add to cart popup even though i turned it back on. ??


    What does having the last 2 checked on do?  should I leave them unchecked?



    Yes, please uncheck 2 field and check the action after add to cart and let us know.


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