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    Hello Friends,

    Hope all of you are doing fine.

    I would like to add Telegram sharing button next to the Facebook and other social networks.

    Here is the documentation for this need.

    Could you please help me how can I add telegram or maybe some other social networks buttons too?

    Kind Regards.



    Please change the language of your site to English and temporarily disable RTL mode, I will help you do it because your site now is so hard for me to custom.


    Hi Foster,

    Thank you for trying to help me!

    The site is EN & LTR now.

    Dear Foster,

    I have installed a url shortener plugin too.

    If you consider because of Persian Language, my urls are not pretty! So I needed to install this plugin.

    You can see the url after loading this product: https://look.ir/0Nqs


    I would like to put the short url instead of the complete url for sharing buttons!

    Here is the plugin setting : https://look.ir/wp-admin/admin.php?page=shorten-url%2Fshorten-url.php

    and there is a simple ” How to ” tab.

    Can you help me for this too?

    Or if this is too much of customization , I will appreciate your help and will thank you alot!

    Kind Regards.


    It’s done, please check.


    Thank you Foster,

    It’s perfect now.


    1. Could you please put it before Facebook? Telegram is the most important sharing button for me.
    2. Can you please apply the short url for all buttons?
    3. Can you please put this phrase when the mouse goes on top of it? “اشتراک گذاری این مطلب توسط تلگرام”

    The ” ” are not part of the phrase!

    Thank you so much!

    Kind Regards.


    Hi Rahim,

    It’s perfect now, check again please.


    Hi Foster,

    Yeah. Thank you. Completely perfect.


    There is a RTL bug in quick shop popup window and it’s the wish button!

    It’s fixed for simple products but for others, it needs a fix!


    My child theme is activated and I put the most css changes to the style.css of the child theme!

    If you think that I need to have the code, go ahead!

    simple product :

    Not simple product :

    Kind Regards.


    Rahim, It was fixed as well



    Your speed is so high. I can’t caugh you 😀

    Thank you Foster.

    But could you please tell me where did you put the fix code?

    And for previous one, will I lose the telegram share button after theme update?

    Kind Regards.


    Don’t worry, all the custom code I added in the child theme, you can upgrade our core theme without any problems.


    Thank you.


    I would like to totally disable this preview eye on products,

    I have disable that by this code in desktop view, but couldn’t do for mobiles :

    .btn-quickview {



    Can please do this for me?

    Kind Regards.


    Just change the code like this

    .btn-quickview { display: none !important; }


    Just change the code like this .btn-quickview { display: none !important; }

    I did, but I still see them in some tablet views :

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1280px)
    .btn-quickview::after {
    left: auto;
    right: 0;

    Kind Regards.


    I have just checked again and adjust the code for you, it’s working fine now



    Dear Foster,

    If you consider to the wish button, It needs to come a bit to the right in tablet views.

    Kind Regards.

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