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    Hi team,

    When a user clicks on a variation option, then clicks on the same variation again, the variation gets de-selected and all images disappear. This is not good.

    Please see the test product here: http://villavici.staging.wpengine.com/shop/test-variable-product/

    Is is possible to make users unable to click on the selected variation to de-select it?

    Please let me know. Thank you!


    P/S: Or even better, when users de-select the variations, the default image and the gallery should appear again! (This is the product image and gallery that loads as default when the page loads, before users clicking on the variations)




    This issue cause by conflict javacript in file chosen.jquery.min.js of plugin WooCommerce Products Filter


    Best regards


    From you screenshot it seems you are on the catalog page, but the bug is on the single product page.

    Here’s the link again http://villavici.staging.wpengine.com/shop/test-variable-product/

    Also, I tried to look at the console but don’t see the same message in your screenshot.

    Please investigate further.



    I check your site it now can’t de-select the variations and the issue fixed. Did you deactivate plugin WooCommerce Products Filter or do anything?


    We had a developer disable the de-selecting.

    It’s not a conflict with Woo Products Filter, but for now the issue is fixed on my site. Thank you.


    Could you tell me how you disable de-select function?

    By default our theme doesn’t have de-select function.



    We found out that it was caused by our custom code, so we fixed it 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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