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    stock of product is 0 or lower and setting is that customer can order with information.

    the info “Available on backorder” will first shown in shoping cart, but not in product description in shop.

    Shouldnt already in shop/product description be shown “Available on backorder” instead of “in stock”?


    Hi Adam,

    Please edit product and follow this screenshot http://take.ms/js0evV

    Best regards


    Hi Adam,

    Please ask plugin author for solution, i know only default feature.

    Best regards


    I deactivated the plugin and the problem seems to be within theme/woocommerce.



    I now checked plugin etc. and also changed to twenty seventeen Theme.
    With theme change I saw that it works correct, so it has to be with Gecko theme why in product page “in stock” is shown instead of “Available on backorder”.

    Can you please check it from your side.






    I fixed the issue on your site, please check.

    Best regards


    Something is still wrong as it will not be shown in german. But it’s translated in locotrans



    Please go to Loco Translate > Theme > Gecko and click on Sync button to update string and try translate again.

    Best regards

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    Hi Adam,

    I recommend save translated file in system http://take.ms/1wh2K

    If still doesn’t work please try search string in plugin.

    Best regards


    I changed theme to twenty and it works.
    The translations are correct in this file for gecko: gecko-de_DE_formal.po
    because I can see that the correct translation for “available on backorder” works.

    Also I can say that since your manual fixing to make the backorder translation works the “in stock” is shown only in english.

    So I assume since your last change it doesnt take anymore the translation which i did before.


    Hi Adam,

    I saw you add 2 language file German and German (Formal). Could you try delete one file, maybe this cause conflict.

    Best regards


    i did, but it doesnt help.

    as already said: before you “fixed” something at the theme setting to make the “backorder” information work it was correct shown the translation


    Hi Adam,

    I forgot update string in Loco Translate > Themes > Gecko > Edit language > Sync.

    It now ok.

    Best regards

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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