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    Hi Harry,

    Please note:

    We attached screenshots in a reply as we could not mark this as private. We also attached a test banner image of 300px height and 1920 width to help you test.

    We gave you 100% clone of our real site. (Please find admin account credentials attached).  You can edit whatever you want in this test environment.No limits!

    After final fix, please provide us the codes and we will implement it on production environment.

    When we purchased your theme, it was mentioned that it is multi-vendor compatible and WCMP compatible (https://wordpress.org/plugins/dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor/) and this was a major reason of our purchase. WCMP is best woo-commerce multi-vendor plugin.

    However, the vendor shop page banner (https://woocommerce-144226-509412.cloudwaysapps.com/vendor/joel-chavez-spray-paint-artist) is not displaying correctly and shop description field is overlapping. (Please see screenshot named: Banner_Error.jpg). Our whole business depends on this page and we cannot launch without fix.

    Vendor shop banner is generated by WCMP template php and their code works with any theme which follows wordpress development best practices.

    We have made an image how the vendor page should look like and it is very simple. Can you please help make claue display exactly as seen in the example we attached (How_banner_must_look.jpg)

    We attached a second image file (Point_marked_banner.jpg). Please find the points below tagged/related to the image. So, open image before you read below.

    Point 1: Banner details: (See location of point 1 in image)

    1.      Banner image size must be width: 100% and height: 280-300 px.

    2.      Has to be Mobile responsive meaning banner image resizes NOT crop.

    3.      Banner section should not have any black overlay as uploaded images should be clear.

    4.      Must display all the fields correctly without overlapping with description.

    5.      Please do not forget social media link which must display.

    Point 2: Shop description details:(See location of point 2 in image)

    1.      Only 2 lines must be displayed exactly as shown in the example image.

    2.      Shop description’s 2nd Line has to end in dots (…)

    3.      Insert “Show more” button/text link after dots which can be clicked to show the rest of the shop description. After expand, ‘show less’ button must appear to make it less.

    Point 3: Fields to display details:(See location of point 3 in image)

    1. Must be mobile responsive

    2. All fields show in the image should be displayed. Please note location has 3 fields so a total of 5 fields.

    3. Fields can be hidden from backend. Please ensure this function is not lost. (Please see screenshot: WCMP_hide_screenshot_backend.png). Path to find settings: WordPress Dashboard–>user->joel.Chavez.spa–>edit 

    4. Please see 3rd image (Banner_elements_closeup.jpg) for a close up of the whole banner section with list of important elements.

    WCMP plugin has a setting to select 3 templates for generating the shop banner. They are coded in such a way that it will work with any theme that follows wordpress development best practices. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>We have decided to use the second template</span> which can be found using path:  WCMP–>Settings–>Vendor–>Vendor front end (Please see screenshot WCMP_BANNER_SETTING.PNG to see setting section).

    To save your and my time, please ensure that your fix is update proof meaning future claue updates must not affect it. (We will ofcourse pay you for support for many many years —  10+ years god willing 😉 ) 

    Our project is a social project and we are helping artists from poor families go online to help them send their children to school. Hence, this is the most important issue to fix as without a good shop page we cannot help them make sales.

    To help make your theme better for your other users, we will share a few bugs we found during testing after we fix this.

    Best Regards,

    Team Artkraze

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    Dear Harry 🙂

    Did you have a look at this yet ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

    Team Artk


    Hi ArtK,

    Sorry for lost message for you, i remember submit the answer 4 days ago but now it empty.

    Please download attach file to replace style.css in claue. The fix will include for the next update.

    Best regards

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    Hi Artkraze,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your help to improve our product.

    I check the checkbox on Chrome, Safari, Firefox on macOS it still work well. Could you tell me which browser you’re using?


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    This reply has been marked as private.

    Dear Harry,

    Outstanding work 🙂 You can mark this as resolved 🙂

    We will create 2 tickets: Bugs which we found and apply to all your customers and another ticket where we need specific minor css and fixes.

    You will have a good surprise when you wake up 😉

    Best Regards,

    Team Artk

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