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    Hi Harry,

    Question 01: how is the state of things to implement the basket in the galleries?
    Did you get the files you need? Or should i ask him again?


    I have also in the process some other questions.

    Question 02:

    on impressions.shop -> Questions comes because the content of the galleries.
    Is it there possible to set there a distance from the left and right?


    On a big screen there is so much space left and right, because the content is to small. If i put there 1650 i get problems with small screens…
    Can i say give me please 25px from left and right to max of 100%? Do u understand what i mean?

    The same happens also with the products 🙂

    Question 3:

    On Toyfabrik.shop we get now a big question? The owner and me have to cut of the shop because of the 2different currencies and 2 different seller he in Germany – me in Switzerland  (Euro and CHF -> Problem with tax authorities). So we have to use perhaps 2 own shops.
    We must bring the money for euro on a euro-account and the Swiss francs on a Swiss account.

    Do you now a plugin or a code on the website that checks, who came the ip from and set a forwarding for the Swiss visitors , that they get forwarded to Toyfabrik.ch?
    Or can i say at the payment – > use these bank account or the other one?

    If there will be a option for 2 different bank accounts all problems will be cleared.

    If i have to open 2 shops, so i have all the time a double work and double licenses to pay….

    or is it possible to use the same products without to clone the site ? -> different payment?


    Question 4:

    I need a really good plugin who makes out of my pictures on impressions.shop
    variable product of a master.

    I found there a plugin … that makes also some nice galleries, but make just simple products.



    It has a so cool option inside, but in the forum there is no idea for variable products and i found still today no alternative option
    and if i have to set 80 Pictures online i am getting crazy .
    Or can u made out of this plugin a add-on for variable products?

    Best regrards



    Hi René,
    1. We don’t receive anything from your dev.
    2. Please use this custom CSS code

    3. Which payment gateway plugin do you using? Maybe you can use this plugin https://geotargetingwp.com/ to check the payment based on the location.
    4. I fail to see what you mean.As I know, you want to add a payment setting in each image gallery of this plugin?

    Best regards,


    Rene’, please help us reply on our support forum. Don’t reply on email.



    Hi Harry ,

    also thanks to Foster for the CSS Code. i have implement it, but the solution is not perfect and finished 🙂

    @media only screen and (min-width: 75em) {.jas-container {width: calc(100% – 100px);}}

    I don`t unterstand how the pixel get subtracted. Here you see the Screenshots. By 50px you see not much space on the left and right edge.

    The principle is working, but the pictures should not be scaled. Do you have there a solution ?

    <hr />

    The problem with the basket : you get no answer of hemn?

    I wrote him today to get the file you wished.

    OK we must wait. I give you a feedback.

    <hr />

    Thanks also for the idea with the geolocation plugin, it sounds really good.  If there is no solution possible with 2 banking accounts on one shop? … so i will try these plugin.
    The other plugins for optimization i installed, too – the site gets also faster now… and the SEO – oh yeah – a big mountain of working 🙂

    <hr />

    The Question 4:

    On my  impressions.shop i have so many work to create the new products.

    I set there a master and clone it and change in the products the pictures. On every photo shooting a have to create there hundreds of products. Its like a job creating measure 🙂

    As i was looking for the galleries, i found this lunar plugin. It has also a nice gallery-function and has also a tool inside that creates out of all picture automatically the products. So it is a great plugin, but u can create there just simple products. But i need variable products and have not the time to go inside all products to change something. So the question is: Do you also know a plugin or a code or can you create me a code that i can make out of pictures a variable product with a master-product?

    Do u understand the problem ?

    <hr />

    A friend of me saw also your great template. He sells boats and wish to make a new website.
    He had also one question to you. Can you made him a query for the clients, that all the questions should be answer before the shop get open ? Here is a example: http://www.primesails.de/index.php?id=42

    There the clients get the price of the products and the luxury boats.

    <hr />

    OK thats all for the moment 🙂


    Thanks a lot and best regards. Have a good start in the day.



    Hi René,

    1. The issue with space, the photos have to scale to fit your layout. You can change by make 6 columns of product on large screen, on small screen will change to 4 columns

    4. As I understand this plugin will auto collection your product images to create gallery images but this plugin doesn’t support variable product? Do you ask plugin author about this, I think it’s difficult task with us. and the author of this plugin have more experiences than us with this.

    5. Thank you for intro our theme. You can tell your friend to use a plugin for the query contact form https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ or https://wordpress.org/plugins/ninja-forms/

    Best regards and have a great day!


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    Hi Rene,

    1. You can try this code for product column on large screen

    @media only screen and (min-width: 75em) {
    .products .jas-col-md-4 {
    flex-basis: 16.666%;
    max-width: 16.666%;

    2. Could you explain more about the issue with basket in the galleries? I’m not clear about this.


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    Hi Rene,

    1. I help you changed number of column to 5 on large screen.

    2. I will discuss with Foster, he take care this issue related to basket icon on Gallery.

    Best regards


    HI guys,

    Thanks for adding the code. For the other galleries (from the plugin wg gallery extra – i found out, best way is also to set there more columns) . At now its in combination good working 🙂

    Now im still working on to set a lot of content online.

    So here comes again some questions 🙂

    01: Can i set on my home site somewhere here different highs or can reduce the maximum high? The big pictures are a litte bit to huge. It will be great to reduce somewhere these pixel size.


    02: how can i deactivate for the following portfolios the text below?






    03 – Can i get in the portfolio also the page-name?

    04 – Can i also get between the pictures and area below a distance of 50px, please?

    thanks a lot for all your help 🙂

    Best regards




    Hi Rene’,

    1. You follow this screen shot. Uncheck full height for the row wrap image http://take.ms/tn2OC

    2,3,4. You can add custom css

    .jas-portfolio .jas-breadcrumb { display: none;}
    .single.single-portfolio .page-head { display: block;}
    .single-portfolio .jas-breadcrumb { display: none;}
    .portfolio-meta {
    margin-top: 60px;

    Best regards


    HI Harry,

    thanks a lot. we are coming step by step to the finish line 🙂
    It will be getting boring for you 🙂 if we finished all.

    OK  i switched again the options for high off. After that i have just a small stripe. So i try to set the high here.

    Is this correct?

    After that i have a funny double picture of the front and the background picture.

    I understand your original Template, that you use just the background picture with the 1/1 size. In the smaller boxes you put always the pictures in the box directly? Which option / parameters define the high? What is the advantage / disadvantages of these 2 different options?

    <hr />

    The css code works. But can i also switch of the date and set the background to the dark grey instead of the main-picture?


    Get Foster the Informations of HAMN he need for the basket?

    If we finish i will send you again a  gift for all your great work, help and hours of supporting 🙂

    Thanks a lot guys.

    <hr />

    My friend ask me again something. He wish to create there a boat shop and rent service. So he found there also a template.
    But you did so great work and he wanna know if these function are also possible with gecko and is it possible to realize it or is it better he should buy these other template. I know you have a lot of things to do. Say it honestly, what you are thinking about it.  http://motors.stylemixthemes.com/boats/

    <hr />

    Perhaps a idea for your future to get more sells.

    Do u like to make a page of all your clients? So it will be great to see, what you did done and what is also possible with your template. And it helps to get a decision.







    Hi Rene’,

    1 I checked and saw you set background for both (text block) and row wrap, you should remove one


    2. You can add custom css in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .single-portfolio .page-head  { background-color: #252525; background-image: none;}

    .single-portfolio .page-head time { display: none;}

    3. With your friend case i think this theme http://motors.stylemixthemes.com/boats/ better than our theme for boat shop and rent services.

    4. Thank you so much for your idea, we have a topic for customer show off their site http://support.janstudio.net/forums/topic/website-showcase-show-off-your-website-use-gecko/ but not much customer want publish their site.

    All the best,


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