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    Hi Harry,

    now its getting all so cool.
    We keep now the colors.

    Now we work on SEO, We put there text fields and keywords inside.
    So i get also a question. Is it possible , if the text getting longer in the product description,
    that there is a pagebreak possible? Or can i only use the fields of “normal” and custom tabs?

    <hr />

    If i can only use the custom tabs of the pruduct, is there a option of getting there a highlight , so what the peaople see that these text boxes are important? perhaps give the custom tabs name a other color or bigger text size? And change the color of the frame?

    Do u understand what i mean?

    <hr />

    And today i have seen that the janstudio theme plugin do not react. i cant see the options down under…

    <hr />

    And my last question 🙂

    What is going on with my wish for the gallery-basket or my webseite impressions.shop? Do u need there something of Hamn or did you get the informations and files? So that we can finished it?

    Best regards




    Hi Rene,

    Sorry because late reply.

    1. It has one ways, you add highlight text in Product Description tab by add class for the text you want highlight http://take.ms/OId5O and add css to highlight the text.

    2. Let me talk to Foster check detail of this issue hope he can help you solve this.

    Best regards

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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