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    Hi Rene’,

    Thank you so much!

    Could you send us one dark chocolate with nuts and one white chocolate with fruits. 🙂

    Good luck to your business and have great holiday!

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    Hi Rene’,

    Thank you so much for the gift!

    We will be thrilled to receive your gift! Our childs looking forward to taste the chocolate, that will be great!

    I really appreciate your gift.

    Thank you, once again, for your lovely Christmas gift and your kind thoughts.

    With all the best wishes for you and your family a happy Christmas!


    Hi Harry,

    I am sorry to need your help :). The header text makes me still some problems.

    The login codes I give u in a private message.

    <hr />

    01: On http://www.fotoshootingathome.ch/schulungen

    I wish to get the 2nd line away –>  Startseite > Schulungen (Picture 01)

    02: on https://www.impressions.pictures/portfolio/luftbilder-zuerich

    (on all Portfolios I wish to see there the main title (the name of Portfolio) – I had there the same problem that there are the 2nd line behind, so I switched off the stripes – but it looks better with the stripe) – (Picture 02+03)

    03: on https://www.impressions.pictures/produkt-kategorie/ringelrosen/blitz/ (there I wish to see also the name on grey background instead of the picture) – (Picture 04+05)

    I hope you can help me and find the problem 🙂 – Best regards




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    Dear Rene’,

    1. I help you fixed these issues by update some custom css code in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    2. We check the tracking code the gift arrived Vietnam but we not yet receive. Hope we receive it on 1-2days later.

    Best regards and Happy Holiday!


    Hi Harry – wow thanks you so much. Now its looks great.

    You are also working on Christmas 🙂 – me too – but just only the websites. The kids are playing the new toys and watching tv (exceptionally).

    I have one more question 🙂

    Is it possible if I move by mouse over to get the white field with name and a icon?

    and how can I switch off the double text – Portraits (black text) and Portrait (blue text)?

    Thanks you so much and best regards.




    Hi Rene’,

    We still work on Christmas and New Year, we only off on 01/01/2018 and Lunar New Year (14/02 – 20/02/2018)

    1. Could you tell us where you want add icon? you can use icon at http://fontawesome.io/icons/ or http://themes-pixeden.com/font-demos/7-stroke/

    2. Please add custom CSS code in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    figcaption h4 a { color: #4e66ad !important;}
    figcaption span a { color: #303030 !important;}

    Best regards


    I am use the icons of https://www.flaticon.com/

    they are great and easy and u can use every color 🙂

    i don`t wanna use it on every mouse over – just on some

    so it will be enough if I can load the icon manually.

    Best regards



    HI Harry

    the code gives just the color. I found the problem.

    By mouseover I get category and the name of the portfolio. Because the name is at both the same.

    So is it possible to show only one name (Portfolio name)?

    Best regards



    Hi Rene’

    It impossible to manual upload icon for individual portfolio, the icons we suggest also can change color as you want.

    You can hide portfolio category by add custom css

    figcaption span { display: none;}

    Best regards


    HI Harry,

    the code works fine. With the idea of mouse over – I found there a other presentation idea – so I keep it away.

    No problem – every time all the compromises 🙂 – so its better to keep it simple – less is more.

    But the problem of the header keeps on, if I use a gallery in portfolio.

    What is going wrong or what did I forget?

    Kinder und Babys


    Thanks and best regards



    Hi Rene’,

    I fixed issue with page head on single portfolio page.

    Best regards


    Dear Rene’,

    We received your gift.

    Our very happy and love this!

    Thank you so much for delicious chocolate!





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