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    HI Harry

    i have again a funny situation. I change some pictures and text fields on Toyfabrik.shop (main site). To make it easy I copy the whole site in the text-editor with copy and paste and put the same content on Toyfabrik.ch.

    Now I have a different leaps to the left and right site.

    Do you have a idea what I made wrong?

    Here are the screenshots đŸ™‚ I thing its look good if the slider get the whole weight of the site.

    I hope you can give me a input đŸ™‚ – best regards








    Hi Rene’,

    Please edit the page and check in Wrap Content http://take.ms/ZlbD0

    If the issue not solve please send me admin account. I will help you check in.

    Have a nice day!


    Hi harry , I found my mistake with this enabled option. Thanks !

    Great. So I am going on – now I will put the products in a own sequence.

    I just wanna select the PRODUCT ID -> I found no way out, because the selections keep not in this order.

    Here is the screenshot – The Login is the same like the last time. If you wish I can send it again.

    I tried there a lot of options and found no topic in the helpdesk.

    I hope you have there a solution. Thanks a lot and best regards.




    Hi Rene’,

    I’m sorry it can’t show product as custom order, you only show product as Title, ID, Date, author, modified data.

    Best regards


    HI Harry,

    I have a question again ? How can I set the position of the widget in the middle?

    Thanks and best regards



    Hi René,
    Harry is away now, Foster here from JanStudio. By default, the position of the widget will be centered. It seems a bug here. May I know your store URL to take a closer look at this?

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    The problem was solved, please check.

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    HI – I found a second issue on website. After I can’t change the price and infos of products, I can’t also add again the products to the menu line. Nothing happened with safari or firefox.

    I found your video how I can add again the Box for products to the menu bar. I don’t know why she did gone away again after the updates?

    is there a context of both problems?

    Best regards



    Hi Rene’,

    1,3. The issue of variation tab and menu screen option cause by plugin WordPress Gallery Extra, i disable this plugin, it now ok

    2. I checked your site and saw the images not optimize, please optimize the images before upload https://tinypng.com/ or use a plugin to optimize your images to improve speed.

    And you can use plugin AutOptimize and plugin Super Cache to optimize css and js file.

    Best regards



    HI Harry

    thanks so much. I made the 2 steps. resize the images and use the cache. Now the loading time is a little better. Perhaps

    is there also a other problem somewhere I have to look. Thanks also for the problem with the gallery plugin. Stupid stuff!


    I have also a new question. How I can control the lines in the fashion1 style or add a second one?

    Best regards



    Hi Rene’

    For the line i use custom css code it doesn’t have option to control. Let me know how you want to do.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    At moment I am working on a landing page for our shop just to link to our shop. Here is your cool design of the lines great.
    But I am don`t understand how they work. sometimes it is cool, sometimes it looks strange đŸ™‚

    if you need a login I send it in the next message.

    My wish is there a option that I can say the line please go from left>right or right>left or up>down or down>up.

    So it will be possible to set there a row with 3 columns or can better  control the single picture.

    <hr />

    Yesterday I was on a WordPress seminar in Bern with topic performance problems. The speaker create also a plugin: Advanced WPPerformance by Nico Martin. It helps me really great to give your template a big speed up. Your template is so great but also get really huge of so much css and js. So here comes the help. Especially to load the critical css before and set the rest css and js down to the footer. It brings me really much power. perhaps you can implement the plugin to gecko. my big problem is at moment the DOM till the first byte get loaded. So I have to clear it with the hoster. Your template and you did a great job!

    Thanks and I hope you have a idea for the lines đŸ™‚

    Best regards


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