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    This is one of my categories https://bestfitbybrazil.com/product-category/lurv-sportswear-leggings-usa/

    I want to replace the banner image with wowslider.  I have wowslider on home page using full page which if fine.  but on category pages i need smaller version.  The shortcode is [wowslider id=”12″].  The problem is that when I put this code in category the slider scales fullpage width and I can’t make it smaller.  Is there some code to tell the shortcode to stay within certain border so it looks like the image that is there now?  I attached link to wowslider html in case that helps.




    You can add custom css code to fix

    .archive #wowslider-container12 {max-width: 1280px;}

    Best regards


    Now not showing at all on category pages ??


    Please check in Dashboard > Products > Categories and add short code to description.


    Best regards


    Could you send me admin account to check?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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