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    I’m contacting you as I see my Clauer theme makes my eshop much slow.
    Even when all plugins are disabled (only WooCommerce plugin enabled), I still see TTFB is from 5 seconds up to 20+ seconds.

    It seems like claue-child is loading in around 22 seconds, when twenty-twenty is loading in around 2 seconds. I know clue have much more data to load, but does it really impacts so much?

    Testes were performed when CDN, browser and backend cache were purged totally.

    Please see the screenshots.

    I repeated the loading and CDN, as well as caching improved page speed but there’re still big speed differences.

    I’d like ask you to fix this problems for me.
    If you consider you can help me but it needs more resources then just configuring the plugin, I can pay you for the additional optimization. In that case please tell me your price and timeline.

    Key facts:

    1. eshop is loading much longer when loading the Woocommerce category. When loading product page it’s much faster. The fastest is when loading home page. It seems like the more products to read, the more time to load needed.
    2. using Liquid Web Cloud VPS CentOS 7 64-bit with Plesk
    3. using CDN StackPath
    4. PHP setting are set to high. In wp-config I added define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘2G’);
    5. other Wordpresses (not WooCommerce) on the same server (but not using CDN) are being loaded in average 2 seconds (around 4 MB of weight). The server is located in the USA, I’m opening the page in Poland, so the domain, server, distance seems not to be a problem.
    6. CDN and server provider told me they cannot do anything more in order to make my WooCommerce faster as they adviced me to use my developer to look into the database etc.
    7. I’m using W3 TotalCache plugin, mostly configured, with lazy loading on (page size decreased). The number of requests is around 80 (acceptable) due to combining and minifying JS, CSS.
    8. database was cleaned using WP-Optimize for unnecessary things
    9. I have 60 products with around 80 variations for each of them. Variations determine the price and can’t be changed into separate products (makes no sense for the customer), nor into custom product fields (too complex conditional logics, so it’s much better for us to manage prices in CSV file).
    10. CSV imports with no meta and 4000 rows take up to 2-3 hours. They are working only when wp-cron is enabled and all plugins disabled (only WooCommerce enabled). It’s acceptable so no need to fix this but it maybe show some problems with table scans/product data reading, saving. So wp-cron is active now.
    11. no need to focus on influence of plugins in case of TTFB, as even with only WooCommerce plugin left, it’s still 5-20 seconds to load the backend.
    12. I really often receive 504 error during the editing the product in WooCommerce admin panel, or when deleting the product or category, or even when disabling many plugins per once or changing the theme from Claue Child theme which is my main, to Twenty-twenty.
    13. I tried to use New Relic to let me know about the database problems but don’t know how to use this program.
    14. I was using Plugin Organizer plugin to determine what plugins to load on specific pages but it seems not the issue when all plugins are disabled.
    15. 20 secons is a CDN limitation of time, when 504 error might happen and this time cannot be increased.
      changing from my Claue theme into twenty-twenty does improve TTFB much. The same problem was when I was using Divi theme (by Elegant Themes). Seems like only twenty-twenty is much faster.

    Now the eshop is live and using all necessary plugins, theme.
    What’s important its not getting any traffic so you can perform some tests on it without my prior consent. I have a dump export of the database and the backup of all the website in Plesk.

    If you have any questions, please ask me.

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    1. I check your site and see the file related to google analytics and facebook need more time to load https://prnt.sc/ru0uex

    3. Please try CloudFlare, we only use CloudFlare free for CDN

    4. Just try define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’); don’t need set to 2G

    8.Your products has more variations it slow down site. I think it is main issue. please follow these topic to fix



    And please try enable Memcached

    Kind regards

    Kind regards

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