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    When I click on the Claue section in the WordPress admin I get a 404 error as a result.

    I can access the “Install plugins”, “Theme options” and “Install sample data” sections.

    I’ve installed the theme in a WordPress Site Network with WPML activated.



    Hi Tony,
    I have just checked, everything working normally http://take.ms/2djpB Could you please explain more about this issue?



    I can have access to the setting too, but when I click the general link that says “Claue” I get this result (see file attached)

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    I’m not sure to understand you mean. I just checked again, all links related our theme in backend working normally. Could you please explain step by step for this case?


    Hi, it seems this problem only occurs for me as the administrator of both the website and the Site Network.  I have other options in the menu.  I created another administrator account and then I get the same result as you do.  Everything seems to be working fine.  Rather strange, but apparently solved.

    It still leaves this question open of where to find the Claue addons, which I thought were somehow hidden to me with this 404 error.  I found a page called “sales” that lists all products that are on sale.  The page uses this shortcode : [claue_addons_products display=”sale” limit=”16″ columns=”3″ issc=”1″ flip=”true”]

    Yet I have some items showing up in that page which don’t have a reduced price, so I was wondering where the settings for this addon were to be found ?



    The issue on sale page is number have discount price less than number product you set display on page so it will call number of product per page.

    I tried short code from WooCommerce have same issue [sale_products per_page=”12″]

    Shortcodes included with WooCommerce

    Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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