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    Hi, we recently changed to the new provided Color Swatches plugin.
    However, they only shop up on the catalog pages, not on the product page.

    https://www.geboortegift.nl/product-categorie/geboortekoffertjes/ here it shows it in the first few products like it should.

    When continuing to the product page it does not show them as a color or image, but as a standard dropdown.






    I see you add 2 fields for same attribute, please remove one and try again http://take.ms/ekPCj

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,


    No, that’s not the issue. That’s the only product I left the original one (we had to replace all of them to switch to the new color swatch). I removed it (it wasn’t even used for variations or attributes anymore).


    Also when I create a test product from scratch it doesn’t show them.





    Hi Ingmar,

    I check and see you override file variable.php in gecko-child > woocommerce > single-product > add-to-cart

    It cause the issue. It override HTML of plugin.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,


    Actually that is not really true. When I disable that override (I saw you did that yesterday) the problem with double product options shows up again (see my other ticket).
    This is not a solution. Yes, it shows the swatches, but then it shows options in duplicate, sometimes 10 in a row.
    I reapplied the override. If you look closely in the files you’ll see the code is basically the same, except for a couple unrelated content blocks/widgets.

    Additionally there now is an issue with bundled products as well.
    No overrides have been made, it also happens when switching to the main Gecko theme.
    These products are all in stock, yet they are unavailable in the bundle and they don’t show the options.

    Quite some issues since the recent Woocommerce and Gecko update it seems.






    1. I fixed the issue duplicate field on your site, please remove override file on child theme

    2. Could you explain more about the issue? I still not clear about this.



    Hi Harry,


    Alright, thanks. But why can’t we make a copy and override that file to include some extra text and a shipment time widget?
    As soon as I copy the file, even without changing it, to the child theme – the problem is back.


    As for the other matter, on this page https://www.geboortegift.nl/product/kraampakket-zelf-samenstellen/ it shows almost all bundled products as not available, while they do actually have stock and are available. It also doesn’t show the variations anymore.

    Could you please, while testing, not change to a different theme? Everynight (our time) the site gets messed up because widgets are placed in different positions or get lost completely.


    Thanks again!



    Hi Ingmar,

    Sorry because change theme don’t ask you before.

    1. You override file variable.php by copy file in plugins > wpa-woocommerce-variation-swatch > includes > woocommerce > single-product > add-to-cart > variable.php to claue-child > woocommerce > single-product > add-to-cart

    2. I switch to default theme and see some “Temporarily unavailable” too. Please try add min-max quantity of product in bundle.

    Best regards


    Hi, no problem.



    2. Yes it started after adding the new variation swatch plugin. However on the live site I can’t disable it since it will revert all the work already done on converting the swatches.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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