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    The colors in order are different, the one in title which is the real order the user purchased is different than the colors in the shipping details.

    Please advise



    It seems your site had a problem, I can’t do anything on your site. Are you updating it?



    The website is now fixed, please fix this issue.



    Can I deactivate the WooCommerce default theme (Storefront) to check? I want to make sure the problem from our theme. Because I have checked at my localhost, everything is fine.


    Yes, you can do it if you will enable it again within few minutes because the website is live.



    any updates on this issue, we are facing huge problem in our invoices.



    I checked your site and the products in order and saw the color in order doesn’t exist in product. Did you import your products from another site or create new?


    Hi Harry,

    I’ve imported some of the colors from my old website and then i deleted some and re-entered them again.



    I think this cause issue, could you try backup your site and clean up database.

    Best regards


    I have cleaned the database and it seems that it worked for some products but i see other products showing strange details as per the below image, can you advise



    This issue because you’re using multilingual so it have variation for both language, please try deactivate plugin WPML

    Best regards



    I have investigated the issue and its not from WPML, the colors are very weird and the orders come with strange colors

    I cleaned the database and the problem is still exist, and FYI these products are just added not immigrated from old website


    Could you deactivate Claue theme and activate default theme “StoreFront”, if issue still exist it not cause by our theme.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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