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      Good Day I recently purchased and I love the layout in that it is very similar to The Look theme (are you assoicated with those developers?)  but offers visual composer straight out the box.

      I will be using a child theme to modify the theme to my needs.  However i have some questions regarding the grid you use.  I see it is a custom flex grid which means I will need to add support for IE9. Is there a reason for this grid as opposed to a standard Bootstrap 3 grid which visual composer uses and I see the Prestashop version includes?  I know flex offers some great layout options but it is still very quirky across browsers.

      Before I proceed with trying to get some compatibility is there any plan to include a javascript polyfill for IE9 and better IE10 support? I know these browsers are outdated but our site still sees a fair amount of traffic from them.

      And Is it possible to get a copy of the Prestashop version and the Shopifies versions stylesheets? As these both work better in IE9 granted with slight markup changes to the woocomerce version.

      Alternatively can you suggest the best way to add ie9 support to allow for future updates based on your grid system.

      Kind Regards


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      Hi Ckitso,

      Thank you for purchase and using our theme!

      Yes, we and The Look team are friend.

      Sorry you can’t use css file from Prestashop or Shopify version because different class

      You can enqueue flexibility.js file in your child theme to support IE 9 for more detail you can check at https://github.com/jonathantneal/flexibility. and your custom code in child theme will work without any problem in future when you update original theme.

      Best regards!

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