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    I Use WPML on your suggest. I got a problem that the currency switch.

    As default the language is Swedish and currency SEK

    If i choose English ( Euro )

    All the products shows correct in language and currency.

    But when i add a product to cart, then in the mini cart the product is displayed in SEK not EURO.

    The same problem if i hit “Quick shop”

    If i push the English button again and the icon “cart” then the mini cart shows the right currency.



    The quickview and minicart use ajax load it still get content for the first load when currency as SEK, when you change currency to Euro, you need to refresh browser or open new page to quickview and minicart update content.

    Best regards


    I dont think this will work for my customer.

    If i enter the site.
    Choose ENG (EURO)
    Then i see all prices in Euro

    This is OK this far.

    When i ad something to my cart it displays in SEK

    After i Refresh the site the mini cart displays correct currency.

    But when i ad something new in the cart, the “slide in” cart displays SEK. The same if i choose the “pop up” display.

    I have to solve this. Do you have any solution how we can do?



    Hi Krille,

    Sorry for late reply. We will check and let you know when have solution.

    Kind regards!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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