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    1) custom pages
    (login, registration, profile and password etc ….)

    mean hide the default pages. The default pages only use for admin and not for clients. And to have new page for customers.

    Yes, do not go to the backend?

    2) On the “functions.php” file of the child template I add functions no function is display?



    In which country are you, our site is open only for the “FR, BE” All other countries are banned

    Best regards



    1. You can download attach file and extract to helpdesk-child for custom page.
    2.  For the newsletter plugin you can use https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/

    We locate in Vietnam could you please unblock my IP we will help you check functions.php file.

    Best regards



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    1) Thanks for “the file” we will do the test, now

    I do not see any function to change his profile picture?
    In the custom page

    We have the same problem as “other people” here.
    On the correct credentials, it can connect directly but when a user gives wrong information, instead of showing them incorrectly on the modal, it just redirects to the default wordpress page.

    the modal must remain fixed and display an incorrect user name or password inside modal.

    even should be on all operations like forgotten password, registration etc.

    The part “My account”. but is it possible to do everything like login, create a new account and forget about this popup? I checked if any errors occurred, such as an incorrect username / password redirecting to the wordpress login page. is possible to give any kind of messages like, success or error in this popup without going to wordpress login page?

    2) We have created a “demo” account, everything is fine, except that I do not receive any mail to validate the account?

    3) We will not add the ip address here, for the reason that the ip address here
    is not yours.
    Why give ip of another person?
    The ip address you gave and a French ip address.

    4) We have solved the problem for the functions.php file.

    5) We buy “the template”
    I already have a lot of problems with your theme.
    Your pot file, It lacks chains. Untranslated

    Look at the picture here


    6) I have a question is it possible to see forums for members only?
    The problem the plugin here is out of date
    Other solution

    bbP Members Only


    7) Dedicated server 8G
    I’m talking all the data from the sample of the demo?
    After clicking on the import, on the options of the template, but no data is imported. There is no menu.
    I tried to increase the runtime and set the memory limit.
    Do you have all sample data in XML file?

    8) I saw on the comments on the site “themeforest.net”
    5 months ago, you recommended this plugin: http://mycatchers.com/
    You said you would add ticket creation with this plugin as a feature in your theme.

    I do not see the feature in your theme?
    Anyway I install the plugin with my license.

    9) How to change the text ‘keymaster’ and ‘Participant’ in pictures as your demo?
    but mine is text, your demo is image, I hope to style it.

    10) Bug with the child template
    Active template we have double element add?

    When I disable the child template no more bug



    Best regards



    Sorry for late reply.

    1. Profile pictures are a WordPress setting, not specifically bbpress. WordPress calls profile pictures ‘Avatars’ and you will find the settings for Avatars under the ‘Discussion’ link under ‘Settings’ on the Admin Dashboard.

    By default WordPress does not allow users to upload their own Avatars to your WordPress website but instead uses a third party host called Gravatar. If you want your uses to upload directly to wordpress then you will need to install a plugin that allows them to do this. We used this plugin for our site https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-first-letter-avatar/

    2. The issue with redirect of to login page if input wrong account or password we will improve in our theme.

    3. By default WordPress doesn’t support send email confirm you can use a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-confirmation-email/

    5. This issue we will discuss on other topic

    6. You can try another plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/member+only/

    7. You can download attach file for .xml sample data

    8. We check this plugin can work separate with our theme so we don’t need integrate in our theme.

    9. We will check and improve this feature, now you can temporary replace the image in helpdesk/assets/ badge

    10. After you switch to child theme you have to re-arrange widgets in Appearance > Widgets.

    This issue of WordPress, i don’t know why they don’t fix this issue.

    Best regards

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    Premium Wordpress themes and plugins, Best WooCommerce theme https://themeforest.net/user/janstudio/portfolio?ref=janstudio


    Thank you

    And for the translation?

    3) I do not use Woocommerce on this template?
    Do you have another plugin to offer us
    Did you understand the problem?
    I create a test account and I receive no email to validate the account
    So that means invalid account, the client can not connect this

    6) Which one to choose?

    8) Yes the plugin work separately with your theme.
    Test in process

    9) Do you have psd files for images?



    3. This template did not use WooCommerce template, please install this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/gmail-smtp/ to make the email function work.

    6. What do you mean?

    9. Please download here https://www.dropbox.com/s/bd9v03d6gaycfl0/10-retro-badges.zip

    Related to translation issue, please provide us the Admin URL, our IP is

    Best regards,

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    Your site is 500 error now, What did you do? please enable the debug in your WP to check. Refer this article https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress

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    You need to enable the debug to see the problem on the frontend. With the error which you sent above, I can’t do anything.

    3. Maybe you can choose this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-members/

    6. Please use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/gmail-smtp/


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    For this case, please provide me an FTP account, I will connect to your server to check the problem. I’m sure no one in my team to add that code.

    6. You can use this plugin instead https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/

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    This reply has been marked as private.


    I’m sorry for the late, we are investigating this issue, please kindly stay tuned.

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