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    I have fixed the 500 error problem, It caused your plugin, it’s not the problem from our theme.

    Regarding translate issue, in the breadcrumb please change it in the page

    Some string untranslated in the extra plugin, for example, “Resolution” ticket status, you need to translate in the “bbResolutions” plugin. We are always here to help you solve all the problem, so please calm down.



    1) Thank you for correcting the 500 error problem
    Who caused the 500 error problem?

    2) Regarding the translation problem, I’m talking about your plugins?
    In the admin panel and not the page.

    4) We still have the problem on the page title?

    Each time he adds a / in the title

    5) On the custom page you sent, can you add a field for an avatar?
    To avoid installing a plugin



    6) How to activate Knowledge Base is it necessary to create a new page?



    1. This plugin 5sec-whos-online caused 500 error, I have just re-activate it.

    2. As I can see in the previous image, You show the untranslated string in the breadcrumb, I misunderstood something?

    3. This is what I can see now, It was translated

    4. Sorry for this issue, we are investigating it, now please change “‘” with “‘” to hotfix, for example, Forum d'entraide
    5. I missed something here? Could you please tell me once again?
    6. You just need to add the Menu item like this



    There is still a chain not translated here

    1. To request an update to the plugin developer
    We need your full report on the error
    Because the author of the plugin does not give any update

    2. Yes, sorry, you misunderstood something

    3. The file was already translated, forgot to add to the file “-fr_FR”
    at the beginning we were “bbResolutions-fr” at “bbResolutions-fr_FR”

    5. Yes, on the custom page it is missing a field to add our avatar from our computer
    Instead of installing a plugin

    6. View all articles in the knowledge base in the footer as on your demo, in one link
    Our link Knowledge Base and already add in the footer.

    Thanks again for everything


    1. Did you change FTP password, It does not work anymore
    5. I’m not sure to understand your mean. Could you please take a screenshot to describe it?
    6. What do you mean?

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    This is the error of plugin

    Translation issue was fixed.

    5. I don’t have any idea for this feature, I’m sorry.

    6. Please assign each Knowledge base post into at least one category, you can see the demo https://www.support.bestgoodeal.eu/knowledge-base/


    Okay, what was the problem with the translation?

    That you have caused the errors in our log?


    Yes, the error from our theme, I have fixed it.



    4. Whenever I save in the template options
    he deletes our title
    Each time, I’m forgetting to add the title again with little code Forum d'entraide

    Thank you

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    For the badge you can change the text on badge but make sure keep the name of badge original.

    Premium Wordpress themes and plugins, Best WooCommerce theme https://themeforest.net/user/janstudio/portfolio?ref=janstudio


    9.You have trouble understanding
    We did not change the text on the badge,
    We did not change the name of the badge.

    4.Not Answered to all questions





    Do you intend to send us an update of the template?
    We are still waiting ?

    We received no patch to fix the modal bug

    4. We received no patch to fix the bug

    9.No badge is displayed

    Find a solution on the problem related to your template

    Thank you

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)

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