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    How do I delete “additional information” tab?  I am creating custom tabs instead.



    You can delete this tab by add custom css in Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .additional_information_tab, #tab-additional_information {display: none;}

    Best regards


    Awesome thanks!


    Today I added weights to my products and this “additional information” tab started to appear in product pages.. I added above CSS rule but it didn’t work(it got rid of additional information title but not the weight content under the title). I added .woocommerce-tabs {display: none;} and it worked but i’m worried that it might be hiding other contents(if this css rule is used for other contents) from other pages.

    NOTE: I didn’t want to create another post for the same question as its already been created so I posted my issue here.


    Hi @dinafashion

    Did you try the code

    .additional_information_tab, #tab-additional_information {display: none;}

    I tried on my local it still work well.

    If you use code

    .woocommerce-tabs {display: none;}

    it will hide all tabs (description, review)


    Hello Harry, I added your code but it still shows the Weight in the additional information section. I am ready to sacrifice the Additional Information section by using .woocommerce-tabs {display: none;} cause I really don’t like people to see the weight infomation as I added it just to calculate the shipping cost by weight.

    NOTE: I took this capture after I added “.additional_information_tab, #tab-additional_information {display: none;}” to the custom CSS.

    NOTE AGAIN: I added .additional_information_tab, #tab-additional_information {display: none !important ;} and it worked.. Now there is a 50px gap cause it has pt__50 class attached to .woocommerce-tabs class but I think im ok with that..

    Thank You..

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    Could you send me your site link as private reply. I will check and help you solve.


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    Hi @dinafashion,

    I see you change code to

    .additional_information_tab, #tab-additional_information {
    	display: none !important;

    and it now work well.

    Could you send me link of product it doesn’t show variation swatch on shop page?


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    Sorry i don’t know which cause this issue. Could you try deactivate plugin one by one to check.

    Kind regards


    Hello Harry,
    No Problem.. This is really not a big issue. Thank You for the support.


    You are welcome!

    Have a nice day!

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