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    how to set different layout on home page ?

    I want my home page have transparent header with slider as background but the other pages have same layout as demo

    Is it possible? other themes has this flexibility.

    Please check on https://themeforest.net/item/claue-clean-minimal-woocommerce-theme/18929281/comments?page=18&filter=all#comment_17411042

    I want side menu on home but if I resize the browser to mobile size it will shrink like your normal mobile menu header something like http://demo-boiley.mysirclo.com/




    The first issue is possible, but the second issue, our theme does not support. I tried to log in to your website with attachment account to help you 1st issue, but it does not work, please check again.

    Thank you

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    Could you go to Claue > Theme Option > Header and try the layout will apply for all pages tell us which header layout you choose.

    We will help you do it on child theme.

    Best regards


    How to change that menu? hardcode?

    I think I will use layout 3 to use on other pages. How to use other layout on home page?

    Help me on child theme


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    1. Yes it’s hardcode, but you can change it via Child theme with this code

    2. If you want to user other layout on home page, please navigate to WordPress settings / Reading / Front page


    1. Are you have orders-tracking built in function on this theme? (because its hardcode)
    2. I mean I want to create a page with layout 5 / sidebar (which I will use for my home page) and for other pages I want to use layout 3




    1. I’m sorry, I don’t understand your mean, could you please explain more?
    2. If you want to change the layout of a page, please open page editing screen and choose the layout in Page Options. It will override the layout in theme options.


    1. http://janstudio.net/claue/demo/orders-tracking/ you have built in function to track the order?
    2. attachment picture


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    1. The track order page we use WooCommerce short code [woocommerce_order_tracking] it’s auto. Now you can create new page and use this short code.

    You can change link to this page by edit code in functions.php i attach in this topic.

    2. I attach child theme you can install via Appearance > Theme > Add new.

    After install you need create new menu and assign this menu for Home Menu http://take.ms/2wOvu

    The menu for other page and mobile assign to Primary Menu

    Best regards

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    Dear Harry thanks for your help

    can you help me once again?

    actually I want to use header layout like my attachment before

    Just header layout, I will do rest (html and css)

    Help me with child theme

    Thanks again



    Please use new file

    Best regards

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    Please change header layout in Claue > Theme Option > Header > Header 5 to apply the change.

    Best regards

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