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    Hi, is it possible to apply discount percentage badge to variable products? I know it says “Apply for product simple only” but I really want to make it work with variable products as well.



    We tried with Variable product but impossible.

    Because the variable product have more variations with different regular price and different sale price. WooCommerce doesn’t support this.

    Best regards


    I see, thanks for the info. Just a suggestion for future updates maybe, if it’s possible, of course, to make smth like the badges here sugarandcotton.com. They show the amount you save, maybe that would be possible? That’s a shopify site btw.


    Also forgot to ask, in the search results the discount badge shows a discount with “-” like “-45%” but in the single product view it just shows a percentage without “-“. How can I add “-” there?



    For the feature with sale amount like your demo, I will consider with my team to implement it on near future. The second issue has been fixed, We will release a new version included bug fixes soon. Please stay tuned.




    Awesome, thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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