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    Hello, I have a problem with the images on the home page of the English language, every time I try to save them and return the images of the palceholder. I’ve already tried a lot of times to put them but you’re not. What happen?

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    can you explain to me better what it means?



    Sorry for late reply.

    Please click the link in prev reply and upload your image for English version.

    Best regards


    I tried, but every time I save, the fill images return. I duplicated the images for the languages, I also tried to load a new image for English only, I tried to create a new English page, but every time I save it he cancels my changes and returns fill image. It is not the first time I have a multilingual site and I have never had this problem. I gave you the credentials, would you like to try it yourself?
    We need to publish this site by next week and so I can not publish, please help me



    In this case I don’t have any idea
    Could you try contact with WPML team they have more experience than us for this case.

    Best regards


    Hello For the home page we have solved re-upload the images, even if it was very strange.

    Now we have a new problem on the products, we open a new ticket, thanks



    Please go to WooCommerce > WooCommerce Multilingual and try click on refresh


    Best regards



    I don’t see refresh icon 🙁

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