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    In the forum footer, I would like to know if possible to add a function to display users, adminstrator connects to the forum?
    View the latest posts etc …..
    on the functions.php file of the child template.

    Thank you

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    No answer received
    Thank you



    Do you want plugin like that https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress-improved-statistics-users-online/

    Best regards,



    I prefer to have a function? instead of installing a plugin

    Best regards,



    Our theme does not support this function, If you want to make this please use the plugin.

    Hope you understand.



    I install the plugin, thanks

    We translated the plugin into French



    1)We have installed the plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress-improved-statistics-users-online/
    The only option I would really like right now is to have each role name in a different color.

    We are connected in Keymaster and the color is not in red.
    Should I add a function on the “child template”?


    I would basically like a Keymaster to have left the red, the green moderator and the black participant.Spectator blue, Blocked Yellow

    How to change the colors of the roles?
    How to change the names of the roles?
    Not find the function on the plugin
    How to add a new role?


    We translated the plugin into French, in the “pot” we miss five chains not integrated
    “Keymaster | Moderator | Participant | Spectator | Blocked”
    Do you have a solution?

    2)I have a question is it possible to see forums for members only?
    hide all contents and to have access to the site pay a subscription
    You have recommended to install the plugin here

    WP-Members Membership Plugin

    And the plugin here is it compatible with your template?
    I prefer to have a licensed plugin




    Thank you



    1. To change the color of role please use the custom CSS code below


    .bbpas-key .keymaster { color: red; }
    .bbpas-key .moderator { color: green; }
    .bbpas-key .participant { color: blue; }
    .bbpas-key .spectator { color: yellow; }
    .bbpas-key .blocked { color: black; }

    Regarding translate issue, I can’t login to your admin to check, please unblock for me. My IP is

    2. I’m not sure about those plugins because I have ever tested it before.



    1) I just checked you have access to the site?

    We added the css,
    But the username is not changing color

    2) So which one?

    Thank you

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    try again


    Connected successful, but I don’t see the Loco Translate menu item. Could you please check?




    I have just found this topic https://codex.bbpress.org/custom-capabilities/ I think it will help you without installing any plugin.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 76 total)

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