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    We bought the plugin, we will do the test on our dev server
    We need integration for the tested on our site “dev”
    Replace your modal by that of the plugin?


    Best regards




    Best regards



    Please provide us information on dev site, I will help you integrate.




    Once the customer buys a plugin or a template on the site, he meets too often problems to get support, “a classic on” the codecanyon
    the envato team should do something
    You are not very serious as an author.

    We made screenshots, to send the team envato
    We have received no support from you since the purchase.

    Still waiting for help on

    Hide share buttons    1 day, 4 hours ago

    No badge displayed?   3 days, 6 hours ago

    Forum     3 days, 9 hours ago


    Since buying the model, you have not really helped
    12 months of support, and the response time is very long.

    I am already disappointed with your support,
    You are on the codecanyon site, to take advantage of people and not to give them help


    Thank you



    I have replied to the relevant topics, please kindly check.

    Thank you



    When will you send me the integration of the plugin on our child template? since we received nothing.

    You have requested the admin information you have received
    Still not connected to the site since.

    Have you solved the problem on modal design? since we are waiting and our website still in production, 1 month ago
    I would like to launch our website before the end of the month.

    To date the problems are not solved, there is already 1 month that we wait
    If the problems before the end of the month are not solved, I will make my request for reimbursement near the team envato

    The problem on the design of the modal.
    The problem on the badges of the users no badge is displayed.

    Otherwise all in all it’s a very good template

    Correct the problems as soon as possible, please,

    Thank you



    We now still can’t view your site. Could you unlock our IP and we can’t do anything if we can’t check your site.


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    We regret that we can not respond to your request.
    Now stop finding excuses, you know it from the beginning
    No more access to the site will be given, only one person is allowed to have access. The authorized person is “Foster”
    Access is prohibited to unauthorized persons.

    Thank you



    Foster is here. Now I can login to your site, but the FTP account is incorrect, could you please give me once again? Also please install the login Modal plugin which you said in other conversation. I will help you integrate it into our template.

    Hope you clearly understand my idea.

    Thank you



    You asked to have an admin account that you had.

    You are connected to “18/11/2017” “04:38”
    so why ask for an admin account
    If it’s to do that, do not do anything
    no support I delete your account.

    Exactly you did not do anything?

    We have a log that confirms that you have made no change.
    another proof for envato.

    Now you asked to have an ftp account for what to do

    Are you talking about the plugin here?



    I test it on a test site
    I’m talking about replacing your modal by the plugin here  https://codecanyon.net/item/armember-complete-wordpress-membership-system/17785056

    Have integration on our child template


    PS:Still not solved the design problem for the modal? A month ago you said we will find a solution

    Thank you



    I don’t do anything because the admin account of your site does not have permission to check and debug. So I want an FTP account to check the problem on our theme. Do you understand what I mean?

    Regarding the plugin, if you want to integrate with our theme, I will help you do that, but please install on your site first.

    This reply has been marked as private.
    This reply has been marked as private.

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    This reply has been marked as private.


    I’m sorry for you, we will delete the ftp account because you do not respect the conditions and schedules.
    Foster: your team and you not even very serious,
    You are a serious company

    It has already been a month since this lasted.
    I’m sick of it
    You leave us no choice to send a complaint to envato
    For lack of support on your product.

    Thank you



    Please calm down, There is the time zone difference and we respond slowly during weekends. Please accept my request one again, I will help you solve all above problems.


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)

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