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    We accept, okay fix the problems
    Once the problems resolved install the plugin here, but not before


    Thank you, I will check the problem right away. Please kindly stay awaited.



    I have fixed the forum badge problem. It caused by your custom function to change the role name. If you want to change the image and role, please find function jas_helpdesk_child_bbp_custom_role() in functions.php file of child theme.

    Thank you and let me know the next step.


    Thank you for solving the badge problem.

    1)It remains more than the problem on the design of the modal
    It integrates the plugin on your template.

    2)Then every time I change a parameter in the template options
    The character is deleted, I’m talking about Forum d'entraide

    3)Then in the template options why not add a function
    for “on” and “off” to enable or disable for example disable the faq or blog or other.



    1.You mean the plugin did not work in our modal?

    2.We are investigating the issue, please wait a moment.

    3.You mean: Disable them in the backend?


    1.I mean when do you plan to solve the problem on your modal?
    The concerption

    I just installed the plugin here,
    I do not even if the plugin here is compatible with the template

    2. Okay

    3. Yes have a function to disable or enable them in the backend.



    1. Please install that plugin, I will help you integrate into the modal
    2. It was fixed
    3. We can’t do this function, I’m sorry. Hope you understand.



    1.The plugin is installed ?

    2.Which file did you edit for the repaired? I do not find it on the ftp?
    But there is always the “/”
    “Response time up to 2 business days.”

    3.Yes, we understood, there are functions that I do not use



    1.I saw that plugin, let me check it.

    2.It’s ok now, I edited three files bbpress.php, core/libraries/janstudio/hooks/helper.php and core/admin/fields/text/text.php



    This plugin has four Login style, which you want to choose?

    You can check here (Choose login form item) https://demo.armemberplugin.com



    1. Ok no worries, tell me if the plugin is compatible with?

    I trust you on the form
    All forms in modal
    The integrated on our child template

    2. We have saved the files thank you


    Please help me to activate this addons http://take.ms/fUzNe


    Above all do not forget to give us the names of the files you edit
    For me the saved and sent to the other site




    It’s done, please check.

    I edited two files in child theme: header.php and style.css


    Thank you for this work , I’m testing

    We have saved the files
    On the plugin have you made any settings?

    Why did you apply for the social plugin?
    We did the test, no social connection?

    Why when you click on “Lost Your Password” or “SIGNUP” there are two windows? it’s normal

    To connect it works
    Can not register
    Can not change “Lost Your Password”

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 76 total)

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