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    Thank you for this work , I’m testing

    We have saved the files
    On the plugin have you made any settings?

    Why did you apply for the social plugin?
    We did the test, no social connection?

    Why when you click on “Lost Your Password” or “SIGNUP” there are two windows? it’s normal

    To connect it works
    Can not register
    Can not change “Lost Your Password”



    1) header.php

    We have created a dashboard page for customers and would like to integrate it into the “My Account” menu
    I would like to know if I just have to integrate the link as on the example here
    or do you need a code like the example here?

    URL of page: https://www.exemple.eu/tableau-de-bord/ how to add it and how to have a link like this link

    if I change the link here <?php echo esc_url( wp_logout_url( get_permalink() ) ); ?>
    by this link https://www.exemple.eu/tableau-de-bord/

    <li><a class="db pt__5 pb__5" href="/tableau-de-bord/"><?php esc_html_e( 'Tableau de bord', 'helpdesk' ); ?></a></li>

    2)You did the test?
    We have done the test to connect you no problem, for against to change the password or to make a registration it does not work.
    Click on “My Account” then “Lost Your Password” and “SIGNUP”
    you will quickly understand the problem.

    Thank you

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    PS:Why did you post my dev site on the forum?

    2.If we did the test with short codes
    Forms can run on the current modal (Login Modal).
    There is a problem with integration.
    The developer of the plugin confirm well, that the problem and on your integration.

    Give me the solution for redirection I will do the test

    Thank you



    Could you please ask plugin provider to give us the solution. When clicking on the button, it will show a modal login. Ask them to give us the JavaScript event.

    Thank you



    I have to ask what to the plugin developer?
    Give me your complete message in great detail, for me to send it on the support?

    Thank you



    The question I have posted above. “Ask them to give us the JavaScript event to trigger modal login when clicking on the button”.


    We are still waiting?
    Not yet received JavaScript
    Thank you


    Could you please give me the contact of plugin provider? I will deputize you to contact them.



    The support said that you send the message from the page here https://codecanyon.net/user/reputeinfosystems

    We must find a solution before the end of the week, otherwise the client will abandon the project. That means who will want to ask for the refund.

    Thank you

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    Not very nice of your par, you answer on the other request of the customers, and me no answer



    Sorry about that, I need made a test before answer you. This shortcode to show a login form, it’s not a javascript trigger function. Please explain more about your request to plugin provider.

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    It looks good now, please kindly check.

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