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    Hi, I just figured out that the “Free shipping Legacy” was still functioning in WooCommerce even though I chose the option ” Once disabled, this legacy method will no longer be available.” It seems that choosing to disable it didn’t work. I am using a Canada Post plugin to calculate the shipping options for the customer’s and in there they have a “Free shipping” option which I intend to use but like I was saying the “Free Shipping Legacy” was taking it’s place there because once I deleted the text “free shipping” next to “Method title” on the “free shipping Legacy” page the free shipping option disappeared on my cart and checkout pages. How can I get the free shipping option in my Canada Post plugin settings to show up as it should? Thanks.






    I still don’t understand your issue.

    The Free Shipping Legacy deprecated and will be remove in future please don’t use this.

    For this case please contact with Canada Post plugin supporter for help.

    Best regards


    I’m not trying to use the ‘Free Shipping Legacy’…I clicked on the option in the settings to disable it and it won’t disable. It is not removing it’s self from the cart and checkout page as it should. I’m also communicating with the Canada Post plugin creators but haven’t heard back from them as of yet.



    I don’t see the Free Shipping on your site http://take.ms/YyyQt

    Did you try clear cache on your browser?


    Hi, yes I did clear my cache and I see the same as you do now – but it was there at one time.  I’m not sure how this happened. I made no changes to the settings of the WooCommerce area or the Canada Post plugin. The only thing I did was update several plugin’s on my site yesterday. Perhaps after this was done it removed the ‘free shipping’ option in the settings of the Canada Post plugin as an error. I have contacted the CP plugin creators to ask why this happened and get their assistance in fixing it. Very strange.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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