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    Hi All,

    We use Gecko Theme (build 15863658) with :

    The website works well with :

    • Firefox ;
    • Google Chrome ;
    • Microsoft Edge.

    But there are some issues with Microsoft IE11 :

    • https://www.singularithes.com > Mes créations > Inside a picture then click “Ajouter au panier” > Above then click on “Voir le panier” (a cart icon with a number) => Nothing. Do the same with FF or Chrome => cart displays ;
    • Try this URL : https://www.singularithes.com/produit/le-the-du-manoir-n18/ With IE11 = No picture and the text is not well formatted. With FF or Chrome = No problem.I disabled each plugin and try each time => same issue but without WooCommerce, the layout is obviously awful.





    I have the same issue with IE 11. https://www.wheyuk.com/product/all-in-one/


    The issues seem to be resolved with the last update.



    Sorry for late reply. We fix this issue for last update. Please update to latest version to fix this.

    Best regards

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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