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    Hi Harry

    I’m using a filtering plugin “woocommerce product filter by Mihajlovic”. It works fine in its normal mode with the claue theme. But I want to use its AJAX filtration features because normal mode takes double time from AJAX filtration. This plugin’s AJAX feature works fine on Claue but the pagination of claue theme has some issues. I’m attaching some screenshots to show you that each time I filter anything, for example “price filter” then in infinite scrolling with the revolving circle that shows that next page is loading an additional “load more” button appears above the revolving circle. If I use 2 or 3 filters like price filter, category filter, tags filter then the number of “load more” button increases.

    I’ve tried many solutions but all in vain, even the plugin developer is not able to solve this issue. You can find this plugin at:

    woocommerce > settings > product filter

    here in product filter there is “installation and advanced options” tab where all these settings are available. For claue theme all settings are normal and does not need to fill but the pagination requires 2 fields to be filled which are given below:

    1. AJAX Pagination jQuery Selector:     .woocommerce-breadcrumb
    2. Custom Pagination Function:     woocommerce_breadcrumb

    I’ve found a solution of the above “load more” button problem. If I put in 1st field the below code.

    1. AJAX Pagination jQuery Selector:    .jas-ajax-load

    The “load more” button does not appear but then the revolving circle that shows that page is loading also disappears.

    I has spent a number of days to solve this issue but does not find any solution so I’m contacting you hoping for some help.

    Best regards

    faheem ahmed

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    Hi Faheem,

    I have fixed this problem for you, please check.



    Hi Foster

    Thanks for your help. I’ve tested and have some issues. May be because I was not able to make you properly understand what I need.

    Now when I use filter then a “load more” button appears which when I press then it loads the next page and the first page disappears. It is working like page1, page2, page3 something

    What I need is “infinite scrolling with only revolving circle at the bottom” which shows that next products are loading and nothing else. It mean I only want to disappear those “load more” buttons that was appearing above the revolving circle as you can see in my previous attachments. This clarification may help you to understand my need.

    Best Regards

    faheem ahmed


    Hi Faheem,

    This issue is so hard, I have spent a lot of time to debug but I can’t find the solution. So I need more time to check it, please stay awaited.

    Hope you understand.


    Hi Foster

    Thank you very much for your precious time. I’m very happy with your support and will wait for the issue to be resolved.


    Thank you for understanding, I will get back to you soon with any update on this.


    Hi Foster

    Any update please!


    Hi faheem,

    I’m sorry to say that, I’m still have not solution for this issue. Could you please give me a copy of this plugin, I will check it on my local site.

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    Thank you so much.


    Hello Foster

    Sorry to disturb you! Did you find any solution?


    Hi Faheem,

    I updated code for your problem, please check and let me know your thought.

    Best regards, Neo


    Hi Neo

    First of all thank you very much for your help. I’ve tested it and find the following points that I want to share with you.

    1. When I tried a filter like price from 0 to 5 then it filtered products and showed 11 products on page that is correct. But there was a “load more” button appearing under the products which when I pressed then out of range of filter products appeared in a single column that should not happen.
    2. When I tried price filter range from 0 to 12 then on first page 20 products appeared with “load more” button that was correct. When I pressed that button then first page with 20 products disappeared and a new page appeared with the products within that price range and also out of that price range.

    You can do this on your end to experience this issue and to understand it in a better way.

    Thanks and best regards



    Hi Faheem,

    I’m processing on it. Please wait.

    Best regards,


    Hi Neo

    Is there any success. I’m waiting as I’ve to work on this site!


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