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      This question relates to differences between Android and iOS tablets (touchscreen)

      When comparing your demo shop:


      with our shop:


      With iOS on your shop: When I click on an image then the overlay appears with the three icons, see attachment.
      if I now click on one of the icons I am redirected to the proper function, e.g. the quick view popup.
      If I click on the overlay outside the icons I am redirected to the detail view.
      This is how I expect it to work,

      With Android tablet on your shop: When I click on an image outside the (at this point not yet visible icons) then I get redirected automatically to the detail page. If I click on the image so that I hit the quickView icon then I get redirected to the Quick View Info.

      Question 1: Why is this different?

      Now looking at our shop: It is always like described above for Android. The behaviour of iOS is in our case like Android.

      Question 2: Did we miss some parameter setting?

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      The products on our demo has images in gallery https://prnt.sc/umbcor the when you hover on mobile it will show 2nd image while you products doesn’t have gallery

      Kind regards

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