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    Can you let me know how to change the formatting of the sticky header and main menu navigation to display correctly.


    The main menu nav is missing the icons and I don’t know where to set the colour value:Header Nav

    The sticky navigation should be the same colour as the main menu nav but I don’t know where to change this:


    Hi Anton,

    Thank you for choosing our theme.

    Could you send your site url as private reply. I will check and give you suggest.




    1. You can add custom css in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .jas-action a.cb { color: #cc9a53 !important;}
    .jas-action a.cb:hover { color: #ffae00 !important;}
    .header-sticky .header__mid {background: #000;}

    2. To change font style of category and shop now text you add custom css

    .product-category h2::before,
    .product-category h3::before,
    .product-category h2::after,
    .product-category h3::after {
    color: #333;
    .product-category h2,
    .product-category h3 {
    color: #000;

    And change #333 and #000 with your color.

    Best regards


    Could you reply us on this topic to us easy track your issue.

    #1, yes it will change sticky menu background and icons. For menu icon you have to go to JanStudio > Theme Option > Header > Logo > Menu Icon and upload your image.

    Best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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