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    I need to show products based on category ….with a ajax filter. Like we have four buttons of four different categories and when you click any of them it shows products of that category without any pageload.

    Almost similar to what you have used in a demo of yours.

    Here is demo url

    Home Fashion 2

    Check the browse our products section on this above demo


    Please help me out in creating such section.



    You can use Visual Composer >Add new short code > Products > Enable categories filter https://monosnap.com/file/uO7quK0SYpalOaAXxkcEWvq8Vmdqxy#

    Best regards!


    I am trying the same but its not working for me.


    I am using below settings

    But its not working…..I want to show 4 products of each category. I dont want to show all products or the “all” tab.

    Right not its not showing products properly: like if you click on flowers….no products are shown.

    Please help me out.

    Please check this snapshot as well



    if you want display more you have to set more than 5 at http://prnt.sc/dgcjde

    It random in number of product you display, can’t display 4 products per category.



    No…its not working like this, If I did 5 products then it will show 2 rows.


    Also as I said I dont need the “ALL” tab.

    I just want same as your demo where it is showing 3 products in each category not random numbers


    See this section in your theme demo….I just want the same section for my categories

    Home Fashion 2


    I am asking for the same as shown in the theme demo



    You can follow our video to create product tab https://youtu.be/bjReIBAFvgs

    best regards!


    I followed the same video instruction and created a tab panel of products.


    But only first tab is showing the product:

    Can you please check here:





    I checked your site and saw other tab have products,  You should config product display as grid and make sure category contain product not empty


    Yes it is showing but when I show 8 products to show and switch on the slider. It stops showing the products in rest tabs (only first tab shows products)


    any solution for that?


    yes, it doesn’t support product slide in tab. So can’t use slide.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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