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    How can i center columns on page?  My home page has 3 columns 1/4 + 1/3 + 1/4.  How do i make them center on page?  I set full width so my slider could spread across full screen, but now the smaller columns are lining up on left side.   http://dev.sexyleggingsusa.com/slu



    You can center your content by uncheck full width row or check on wrap content


    Best regards


    i unchecked full width and still looks same.


    Could you send us your admin account as private reply.

    We will take a look and help you solve the issue.



    I help you fixed this.

    1. It because you set the page content in Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > 1920px

    2. The correct setting for column is 1/4 + 1/2 + 1/4

    Now if you want which row full width you only check like this screen shot http://take.ms/EF6B7

    Best regards


    ok working now. thx. for quick reply!! 🙂



    Could you explain more about your issue?

    I checked your site and saw it still work well.




    The issue because you set product as sale countdown https://monosnap.com/file/yGeFzPgyakVJDPof0q63QKRB4UFUlS# but don’t set the time http://take.ms/CTtXA.

    You can replace this product by another banner of set schedule sale for this product.

    Best regards

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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