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    The stock values for items are updated with xml importing plug-in (wp all import) in 5 minute intervals. The main image containing variations display always an “out of stock” badge, even there are available variations.

    We want to do two things:

    • Hide the “out of stock” on the main items photo
    • Hide the “out of stock”  variations on the product listing pages (not on the product detail page)

    How shall we do this?


    Thank you already!


    Hi Tekir,

    Please go to WooCommerce > Settings > Inventory and follow this screenshot http://take.ms/5hcgE

    and add below code to JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .outofstock .sold-out {display: none;}

    Best regards


    Hi Harry;

    The “out of stock” badge is no more on the parent product, it’s fine.

    But now, we haven’t have any badge on the chosen and out of stock product, either. How should we fix it?


    (To make things clear: if some of the variables are available but some are not; we want the parent to stay without badge, but want the particular variable’s images have that “out of stock” badge. How is this possible?)


    Best regards.




    Could you send me the link of product have variation out of stock.

    I will check and help you solve.




    bebek beden “marble” kanguru

    here, the first and third form left are out of stock.

    Hope you find a way. Looking to hear from you; thank you!



    Please change code to

    .product-type-variable .outofstock .sold-out {display: none;}

    It can’t show badge on child product.

    Best regards

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