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    In the JanStudio options there are fields to set the background banner image for the Blogs, Forums etc… and that’s working fine but I can’t find where to change the banner for the homepage. I ended up updating the URL using classic mode and it does call up the image but doesn’t stretch like when you set it in the JanStudio settings.

    For example, the same image is used for the homepage and the FAQ but you can see a difference in the image (compare https://vscription.vtexvsi.com and https://vscription.vtexvsi.com/knowledge-base/) Since It looks like each mage has it’s own banner, I would like to know how to change this for other pages as well (ie: Contact Page, My Downloads page etc..)



    Hi Ryan,

    For custom page ( Download, Contact) please add featured image for banner http://take.ms/HIkeA

    Best regards


    Thanks for the quick reply. That worked great for the custom pages but not for the homepage.  If you compare https://vscription.vtexvsi.com and https://vscription.vtexvsi.com/knowledge-base/, they all look like the knowledge-base banner except for the homepage.


    Hi Ryan,

    For homepage, please edit first row that contain heading and search form and upload background image for this row.

    Best regards


    I did this however it doesn’t look the same as the other pages. There is some styling or something that is applied to the other pages that are not applied to the homepage.



    Sorry for late reply.

    On the homepage you have make the effect for image before use for background it not same as other page.

    Best regards

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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