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    Hey all – Back to Top arrow buttons are generally a nice feature to have on modern websites.  If you’d like to add one to your site create a snippet called “back-to-the-top.liquid” and then paste the code below into that file.  Then add {% include ‘back-to-the-top’ %} just above the </body> closing tag in the theme.liquid file.  I have formatted mine to look entirely different than the default will appear (see attached screen grab) so that it suits my actual site and you can very easily customize yours to your liking as well, by editing the CSS right between the <style> tags in the back-to-the-top snippet that you just created.



    Paste everything below this line into the back-to-the-top.liquid file:

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    Thank you so much for a helpful suggestion. I have just edited a little bit to easy copy and paste the code.

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