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    Hey JanStudio Team,


    The option Import Sample Data is not working on my site.


    I have installed the theme, install all the plugins, and go to <Claue/ImportSampleDate> and the only option I have is “Full” for “Choose Layout”. I click on import and a popup say Done!, but nothing is imported …


    Can you help me please?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks, it’s working but I still have some issues:

    • The rolling banner categories are not appearing in the shop header.

    Could you help me on this please?


    Thanks in advance.



    You can upload banner for shop page in Claue > Theme Option > WooCommerce > General Setting.

    Best regards


    Sorry but I dont find anything in Claue > Theme Option > WooCommerce > General Settin for shop banner …


    And I just find an other problem, I can’t change the header layout …


    I change it in Claue > Theme Option > Header, but the changes are ineffective …


    Best regards


    Ok, I just find how to display the catgories banner on the shop page : I added a woocommerce catégorie in the widget “woocommerce categories menu sidebar”.


    But I still have the other problem : All changes af the layout of the header are ineffective I cannot change the header …


    I do all the change in Claue > Theme Option > Header                but the changes are ineffective …



    1. You can change banner for shop page by go to Claue > Theme Option > WooCommerce > General Setting > Page Title Background
    – For category product you upload banner by edit this category and upload thumb

    2. Could you send me your site admin account as private reply, i will help you check the issue.


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    I check and saw you activate Claue-child this has function fixed header layout, I help you remove it. Now you can change header layout as you want.

    Best regards


    Thanks ! Now I can change the layout of the header … but a problem is still present :


    All the layout are good except the header 2 (with the logo in the midle and text menu).


    On this one, the change in the menu are not effective …


    I delete completely the child theme but nothing change …

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards



    To change menu for header 2 layout you have to change Left Menu and Right Menu.

    Best regards


    Thanks a lot ! It work


    Could you help me on 2 others issues :

    1. How can I translate the NEW and SALE blue and orange bubble in the menu ?
    2. I cannot change the “Billing Details” on the checkout page

    Best Regards



    Complement of the precedent post:

    3. I canoot change “Ive read and accept the terms and condition” bump on the same page



    1. You can translate the badge on menu by add custom code in Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    and change “NEW”, “HOT” and “SALE” after “content:” with your text

    2. You can translate this text in Loco Translate > Plugins > WooCommerce

    3. You can translate this text in Loco Translate > Theme > Claue

    Best regards

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