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      Hi there!

      We have been buying your theme 2 years ago. But to be honest, we never used it.

      Now I downloaded the most recent version and installed it on a fresh wordpress installation WP 5.5.

      Now when trying to install the sample data a few things happen:

      • I get the message “Install succeeded”
      • some plugins like “regenerate thumbnails” get deactivated immediatly
      • WordPress database has to be updated

      These three events worry me…

      First not being able to get any images (tried all data sets and raised the download limits to 256mb!) is sad, as it is hard to evaluate which set of settings in the backend is suitable for our intended result.

      Second the fact that plugins that are installed as necessary and recommended get disabled seems to hint to a buggy interaction of the theme with the set of plugins

      Last the update of the wordpress database worries me even more, as I am not sure the theme is optimiezed and ready for the most modern versions of wordpress and woocommerce.

      So my questions are:

      1) Since we bought the software already and given the fact that your own website still doesn’t use SSL, please tell us candidly:
      Is the Gecko theme still maintained for the current wordpress generation and the plugins? (visual composer for example is now wp bakery, isn’t it?)

      To be clear we don’t complain at all. We just want to be sure not to make a costly mistake in investing in customizing (and there is a lot we have to do) and child theme adaption a theme that will not be viable for at least 4 to 5 years to come.

      So please, be clear about the status of the gecko development.

      2) How can I manually install the sample data sets including all the images?

      3) I don’t see the Visual Composer being activated for the editing of post and pages. Does it conflict with the WP Backery Plugin that’s installed with another theme? Is it licensed within the Gecko theme or do Ihave to buy it additionally?

      Thanks for your answers.

      With best regards (I really like the theme!),


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      Support Expired
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