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      My site is hosted here on the development server



      Load time is too long.  PLease check and help me out.

      Here is the load time snapshot



      Before purchasing I checked the load time of the theme demo which was around 3-4 seconds and this was the main reason of buying the theme.

      Please help me out

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      Thanks for purchase our theme. For this case the speed of web depends to many things, Not only theme. You can read this article to speed-up your website


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      Yes I know speed depends on many things but so far I have not done any major changes like product upload or so and page size is still around 3.5 MB


      so there is no way of getting load time higher than 10 seconds. also we are not using any new plugins or anything.

      Its seems like an issue in the theme code I believe. Load time is main concerned for me that’s why I purchased this theme.

      If this I am getting  a load time like this I would need to complain Envato and would like to go for a refund.




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      Can you send us your temporary admin account as private reply. We will take a look and help you solve your case.


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      I checked and saw you add “awesomeAnalytics”, we have option for you can add custom js in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom JS

      So you should remove code below, and we continue check your site


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      Can you remove the code yourself? Are you sure this is causing the issue? As I added this code yesterday and even before that load time was so high?

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      I removed the code from there. Can you please check the issue now?

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      We will make some tips to optimize your site, If everything we do need to confirm from you, it will take them a lot of time. So we will inform you after we finish it. Let me know your opinion.


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      Yes, that’s fine. Any idea how long it will take?


      I am still very confused why the site is working damn slow on our server and working well on yours

      I haven’t even completed the site as its in design phase and made only few changes in your theme after importing demo content.

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      Optimize done, please check. This is the result


      If you want optimize more, please make it on your server. Maybe it get the better results

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      It looks better than before but have you changed the header design? Menu/social/Icons and all sort of stuff was in top header bar? also few menu links are missing?

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      I don’t change any content on your site, can you please check again

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      Please check this

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      It is strange, let me to check again

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      How did you do it? edit in our core theme ?

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      Yes, My designer edited in the core theme.

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      We highly recommend you and your team DON’T edit anything in our core theme, because it will be lost when you update to new version. If you want to change layout please do it in child theme.

      For this case, can you please ask your designer to make it again. Because you have updated to new version

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      Your main issue is that your images are taking way to long to load…

      And seeing how the image sizes are small for example a 113.3KB takes 3.65 seconds to load tells me that your hosting provider is garbage.

      If you want to speed up this website get better hosting preferably dedicated wordpress hosting such as wpengine.

      I have the same theme for my ecommerce website and i have 1 second load times.

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