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    Hi Team/Harry

    I need to solve two issues with the Meta Slider plugin:

    1. The full width feature is not working. I see in your demo page that the image is over all the with of the slider (  http://janstudio.net/claue/demo/). In the demo of the template the width is set 700 px. Well, I try to set the width to the full width allowed 1170 px and also the checkbox 100% width is marked, still the image is not full width in my case.
    2. The second issue is the color scheme. The plugin is taking the menu colors in the general scheme, black and grey, but it’s not working with the images.  Can I set the colors for this plugin with custom CSS code?

    Print screen: Red-Issue 1 – Green-Issue 2.

    Meta Slider Issues

    Url: http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/tienda/

    The credentials are still the same.


    Bonus track: Do you know if I can cut the url of the product category pages?


    Current url: http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/product-category/camping_y_playa/

    Expected url: http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/camping_y_playa/

    In few words, I need to extract the words product-category which also are in English and is bad for a Spanish store.


    BTW, I saw that a new version of the template is available. Should I update this store with the new version? What could be the impact? What are the beneficts?


    Thanks guys!







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    Hi Flavex,

    I try login your site but can’t success. Your site empty white blank

    1. Did you try go to Slider > Advance Settings > Check in 100% wide output http://take.ms/3hIut

    2. Hope this article can help https://premmerce.com/woocommerce-permalink-manager-remove-shop-product-product-category-url/

    Best regards


    Hi Harry


    The url issue was solved with the plugin suggested.

    About the width of the meta slider, after a further investigation and look in others configurations, I’ve found that the issue was caused by the max width allowed in the Claue configuration option. It was set to 1170 px so I put a new value 1400 px and now I can see the full width of the banner on my work monitor (50 ”). Thanks.

    Do you have some words regarding the second issue?

    The second issue is the color scheme. The plugin is taking the menu colors in the general scheme, black and grey, but it’s not working with the images.  Can I set the colors for this plugin with custom CSS code?

    BTW, I saw that a new version of the template is available. Should I update this store with the new version? What could be the impact? What are the benefits?

    Have a nice day!





    Just adding some tags for the community.


    Hi Harry

    Last minute issue with Meta Slider. I don’t know why, maybe because I tried and changed to many settings, the banner have maybe 100 px empty on the top. Please see the following print screen with the empty space highlighted in red:

    Empty space/padding on the top of the banner

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance!



    Hi Flavex,

    Please follow this screen shot http://take.ms/puJAv to remove the space

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    Solved. BTW, it´s weird that in the landing page the alignment for the width is fine. Still, in all the other pages the words are in stick to margin, without any space. Weird that in the landing page the margins are fine.

    Should I add more padding one by one or maybe is a bad configuration which I could change for all the pages?


    Thanks Harry.




    This is default style of Visual Composer you have to manual edit this.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry

    Yes, your solution works fine for the regular pages, but I can’t fix this issue the edition of the product pages. I guess, for products might be a global code maybe. I need to add 10 px to the left margin. I can’t find the way also for the footer, which the content is stick to both margins, and the arrow to come back to the top, is over the text.




    Hi Flavex,

    Could you create a screen shot and take notes on this screen shot to clear for us?



    Hi Harry

    1. Did you changed anything? With the landing page everything is fine. Is in wide mode and the responsitive designe is working fine. Now all the other pages are fine regarding margins, but the original issue with the meta slider is there again because the slider is displayed with a huge margin. From my side I just updated temporaly the PHP version from 7.0 to  5.6 due to an issue with another portal. In a few day I will go back to 7.0. Is that the reason why for the design/margin changes?
    2. Can you please tell me if the color scheme of the banner can be changed. If not, I will change the design because it’s too much time for this details, for you and for me.
    3. About PIN MAKER, I just tried to use the WooCommerce option with a pin, in order to link to a product page. The thing is the buttons text are in english (Buy Now and Details). Do you know if I can change this two lines through Loco? I’ve try to find the lines whitin the plugin and the widgets page without success.
    4. The responsitive part of PIN MAKER don’t work correctly. The view in wide displays/Windows is awesome. Still, when you go to Android the popup windows is a disaster for the sight. The videos are cut in the middle, the texts have no background so you can’t read them, the product pop up window is mixed with the content from above, and so on. Please tell me if that’s the way it is, so I’ll avoid to use this features and save my time.

    That’s all my friend. Thanks for your help.



    Hi Harry


    Regarding the PIN MAKER responsitive side, if I look into the product pages PIN, the background is there. But in the home page http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/, maybe because is a collection, the background dissapear, so you can’t read the text.

    Is there a way to have a look in the Collection likewise the product pages PINS?




    Hi Harry


    BTW, regarding the margins issue, I see that in the homepage, they work perfectly. The videobackground, the collection, the footer links are populated all the wide space. On the other hand the caroussel, the text in the footer and all the other details have a margin. I need to replicate this into the store page: http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/tienda




    1. Please use photoshop to create banner on your computer before upload

    2. For Pin Maker. it have option to display popup on left, right, top or bottom http://take.ms/pWlcg you can change position of popup do it can show on phone.

    3. Could explain more issue with margin, i still not clear about this?



    Hi Harry

    • Can you tell me if you changed anything since you last reply? Again the margins changed. Now the texts are stick to the top left/right margins and the slider of the page Tienda (http://www.frioportatil.com/sandbox/tienda/) is again in wide mode, which is wanted, nothing releated with Photoshop edition, which BTW I work with it.  Left margin:

    Left sticky margin

    Right margin:

    Left Margin

    Footer with the button Go to the top over exposed:

    Footer margin

    2. Please let me know if the color scheme of the MetaSlider plugin can be customized (right now is taking the general color scheme which is not working, white could be great) or if is imperative to use white background in order to se the titles, buttones, dots, and so on…

    3. Do you know why the white background for texts displayed in the single pines on the product pages is not displayed on the collection used on the landing page on mobile dispositives?

    4. About the button BUY NOW and DETAILS. I can’t find the way to translate them:



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