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    Hi Harry,

    Please find credentials for our new staging site with latest version of theme. You can use this staging for resolving previous ticket.

    We need some minor css and 2 bug fixes we identified. We will open another ticket later when we are able to replicate the other bugs in our staging. We are working on it.

    We write about the issue below to be able to mark it as private. Many of the points can be used to make your theme better for the future and other users 🙂


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    Hi ArtK,

    1 Please add below code to Claue > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .slick-prev, .slick-next {color: #222;}

    and change #222 with your brand color

    2. Please add below code

    @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {.slick-prev, .slick-next {opacity: 1;}}

    3. Please add below code

    .p-video a {
    	border-color: 2px solid #222;
    	background: #222;
    	color: red;

    Please use Loco Translate plugin to change the text http://support.janstudio.net/forums/topic/theme-translation/ when create new language please choose English-US

    4. I checked on your live site and staging site still see this https://monosnap.com/file/o5Pk3FYYhc3bGeGPcT6HiuysXqqHQo

    5. This CSS generate by plugin not from our theme. Please add below code to temporary fix this.

    #wcfm-content canvas {position: relative !important;}

    Best regards

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    Hi ArtK,

    I help you fix issue 1,2,4,5 and add change the css in Theme Option. On the homepage because css of tab element of Visual Composer hidden the content outside it so can’t move the arrows out as you want.

    Could you please try Tools > Re-generate Thumbnail

    Best regards

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    Dear Harry,

    Since you get many emails, we thought of reminding you about us 🙂

    It is Friday and almost 6pm on your end and if you do not want to work on this today, it is totally fine as we can wait for next week. No hurry.

    Next week we plan to update claue in production if you manage point 4. Also, we are launching in 2 weeks and the other points will help us make our production ready. We have very few points left to fix (mostly bugs) and majority of big issues has been solved by you 🙂 We will extend support for next year as we are VERY happy with your work. Excellent customer care which others should learn from!

    Have a nice weekend Harry. Watch football?  🙂 We really love your dedication and support to everyone. Your sense of design is beautiful 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Team Artk



    1,2 I help you fixed.

    3. Please download attach file and put in claue-child > views > header > layout-3.php

    4. I’m checking your issue.


    Dear Harry,

    1. You forgot to attach the file for 3 🙂 Can you please attach so I can download.

    2. Points 1 and 2 are solved.

    3.  Please take your time to fix 4.

    Thanks a lot for your quick response.

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Team Artk


    Hi ArtK,

    Sorry for miss attach file.

    Please try download again.

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