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    I want to modify a couple of files from “/wp-content/themes/claue/core/libraries/vendors/woocommerce/…” from my theme-child.

    I’ve created the folder structure in my theme-child and made some changes in the files.

    But when I upload the file nothings change, it remains the original code from Claue theme.

    How could I made my theme-child files works instead the originals?




    On child theme please create folder as normal claue-child > woocommerce and put your modified file to this folder don’t need same structure like parent theme.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry!

    I’ve moved my modified files to claue-child > woocommerce (init.php and layout2.php) and I’ve uploaded.

    But I couldn’t see any change…. For rxample in “”:

    I’ve changed the breadcrumb container “bgbl pt__20 pb__20 pl__15 pr__15 lh__1” by this “pt__20 pb__20 lh__1 jas-container” but this modification doesn’t appears (after clean cache).

    Any idea? O_O




    File init.php can’t override like normal. For layout2.php please copy to claue-child > woocommerce > extras > single > layout-2.php

    For the function on init.php you have to override by copy to file functions.php and change function

    Best regards


    Thanks Harry!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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