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    Hi There! I tried to combine all my questions into one – I may have a few more that I’ve forgotten later down the line.

    Figured out most of the custom coloring and general styling

    Here it goes:

    1. After regenerating thumbnails, I still want to keep a few images in their original size. There’s still a few that haven’t seem to resized, like in the screenshot attached, but that’s OK. Those are the ones I want to keep in their original size. Where does the theme pull the thumbnails from? I’d like to update the portrait images so they’re all full sized, instead of cropped landscape.
    2. OR, in reference to question 1, is there a way to assign a custom Thumbnail image (I would crop it the way I want to, in landscape mode), while keep the main product image portrait as the original photograph.
    3. When I load QuickView, it loads first as a line (see screenshot attached – Quickview), then I have to close out, then reopen for it to fully load. This happens on any browser/device (I haven’t tried mobile). Any way to fix this?
    4. In QuickView, how do I edit the size of the image (which seems to control the size of the popup), I’d like it to be bigger, and for the really landscape photos, to be taller so the right scrolling column with the info isn’t super squished.
    5. In single Product View I have now, how can I make the left column with the image bigger than the right one. Right now i think the ratio is 7/5. Would like to to be 8/4 or 9/3.
    6. In general, the site has some padding in one size, but then the content goes edge to edge at a certain browser window size. How do I keep the padding size consistent so the content never goes edge to edge unless in mobile/responsive?
    7. How can I keep breadcrumbs only for items and pages related to the store (products, categories, etc)? In other words, take them away or hide them on regular pages?
    8. Probably mentioned somewhere in the documentation, but i can’t find it – how to turn off images for breadcrumbs?
    9. A mixture of 7 and 8 = I would like to keep the title of this page, and the image (featured), but take away breadcrumbs. Any solution that would fix both 6 and 7 and enable me to do this?
    10. In the store filter feature, how can i hide categories that aren’t related to a main category – for example, my structure is:
      • Art
        • Leica
        • Gallery
        • Longmire
        • In The Tub
      • Books
    11. (10 con’d) So I’d like to hide Leica, Gallery, Longmire, Art when going to the Books category page: Is this possible?
    12. a few “would be nice to have” questions:
      1. Do you have any recommendations for a custom ‘related products’ plugin. From my understanding, the related products as it is now pulls from the parent category as well as the child it’s in, if both are checked. Just want the related products to pull from the child cat.
      2. Ability to badge products as “Limited Edition” or something else custom (and change the colors?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. When you config in WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Display > Images you can uncheck “Hard crop” so your image will keep original ratio.

    2. You check hard crop in catalog images and uncheck in Single product image

    3. I checked your site but don’t see this issue. I saw your image in quick view so heavy (2.2MB normally it about 300-400kb) , you can optimize your image before upload https://tinypng.com/ that will help you save your hosting band width and site speed. Only give your buyer original images with high quality.

    4. The height of quick view auto fit with the image on left the content will be scroll, if you make the height of quick view follow the content it will has a white space below the image this not good

    5. I think 8/4 is better you can add custom css in JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    @media only screen and (min-width: 1280px) {
    .jas-col-md-7.jas-col-sm-7 {
    flex-basis: 66.666%;
    max-width: 66.666%;

    .jas-col-md-5.jas-col-sm-5 {
    flex-basis: 33.333%;
    max-width: 33.333%;

    6. Could you take a screen shot, it will clear for us

    7. You can add custom css

    .jas-breadcrumb { display: none;}

    8. You can follow our document at http://janstudio.net/gecko/document/#page-title and http://janstudio.net/gecko/document/#category-header-background

    9. You follow 7, 8 to do

    10. You can exclude sub categories in Theme Option > WooCommerce > Product Listing Setting > Exclude Subcategories > On

    11. Sorry the filter by categories doesn’t support this

    12.a you can use a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-custom-related-products/
    12.b you can try this plugin https://yithemes.com/docs-plugins/yith-woocommerce-badge-management/02-settings.html

    Best regards

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