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    I have 3 problems.

    1. permalinks is working only on “plain” mode. ie. only works for “www…..product=xy” and not

    2.variable product – when I enter the product page, there is no photo shown, only after I select one of the options. I tried setting an option as deafult ( color – blue). but still no photo is shown. only after I select one of the options, I can see product photo.

    3.in quickview when clicking the image, it takes you to the image direct link (outside of the website). Why doesnt is shows zoom like in normal product page?





    Can you send us your temporary admin account as private reply, we will take a look and help you solve.

    Best regards

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    1. You need change follow this  post to change enable permalink on Ngnix

    2. We saw your image so heavy, we recommend you should optimize before upload to server that will help your site faster and increase your site performance


    You see we can save 81% after optimize https://monosnap.com/file/h1vfKPYVsJJD0n90MiReurVrDKo75B# with your image

    You can check your system status at

    and try to increase :

    PHP Post Max Size: 200 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 600
    PHP Max Input Vars: 2000

    And fix red notification.

    3. We check and saw the issue, we consider this a task for next update.

    Best regards!






    1. I dont have nginx, I run my server on normal apache.

    2. I saw that the product you created, “test-product”, is working as it should , ie displaying the photo.

    but my product, “test”, still doesnt show image, even after I changed the image to a small, light image.

    So please guide me on how to create a variable product that displays a deafult image, because the product I created STILL doesnt show a photo by deafult.

    Home Fashion





    1. You can follow this post to enable permalink http://ahmed.amayem.com/setting-up-pretty-permalinks-in-wordpress-using-htaccess-and-mod_rewrite-on-linux-centos-6/

    2. We check and saw problem with Open Swatch plugin on WooCommerce 2.6.11, we inform this to plugin author, when issue fixed we will release update.

    Best regards



    2.  ALL my products are variable , that mean I cant publish my website until he fixes this problem. when will he fix it? tomorrow or next month? give me timeline.

    Why do you sell a theme that doesn’t work well with the plugins?

    your DEMO show working variable products,  why do you show a demo that is basically a lie? things do not work like in the demo.

    I really do not understand it.



    We are sorry because inconvenience.

    This is bug of with latest version of WooCommerce and they’ve just release new version some day ago.

    We promise to fix this bug in this week and release soon. Now you still can upload your product.

    Hope you understand.



    I understand


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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