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    is it possible to have below each product an order button already in the product list?



    I’m sorry i can’t have order button below product on product list.


    Hi Harry,

    sorry for warming this up again. But I recodnized such a direct buy button could help for better conversion.

    Is there any chance to get this on a wishlist for one of next updates or is this possible by any pluggin?



    Hi Adam,

    1. By default our theme support show add to cart button on product listing page. I don’t know which plugin change this button to detail button, could you deactivate plugin one by one and check again

    2. To show wishlist button on product list, you need to install plugin YITH Wishlist plugin.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,

    I mean a order button which is visible directly below the product. please look here for an expample: screenshot “Order button below product”.

    But even if it is not possible Iam wondering what makes the change for the hover buttons.
    At my shops they are looking weird. Does this come from image size or from other plugins?

    Please look here:
    correct version: screenshot “Gecko order button correct”
    weird version: screenshot “Gecko order button weird”

    what can I change to get back to correct look?

    order button below product


    gecko correct



    Hi Adam,

    Could you re-attach screenshot of button?



    here we go…
    whats weird with my hover buttons is that I have additional buttons like Transportkost and tax.
    Maybe we can switch them off?


    correct button



    gecko correct button


    weird buttons


    Hi Adam,

    Please show buttons like https://frischekuss.de/ i will help you style.

    Best regards


    Hi Harry,
    dont understand your last mail.

    My problem is that on Frischekuss.de the hover over product shows more options then in the gecko example.

    How can I get the Frischekuss hover to show only the add to cart and quick view image when hover over product?


    Hi Adam,

    Please add below code to JanStudio > Theme Option > General Layout > Custom CSS

    .product-button {
    	flex-flow: column;
    .product-button.flex > * {
    	margin: 0 auto 10px !important;
    	height: 36px;
    	width: calc(100% - 30px);

    Best regards

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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