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    Hey there

    I love the theme very much with cheap price.

    My problem is WHEN I GO TO MY WEBSITE .. In the home page.. The collections images are not aligned. Can you fix it please

    Images of collections form homepage not aligned

    The other problem i have is

    Can i have 2 product in mobile view rather than 1 please. Example is the attached photo

    I want 2 products in mobile view please

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    how do you use BBCodes



    1, Did you fixed by yourself? I did not see the problem anymore

    2, Please see this image http://take.ms/ubVKh

    3, use BBcodes for what?


    Hey there

    No i have not fixed it .. I have manually press the 2 column box for it to appears 2 products in mobile view.. Can you please make the it default so that i don’t have to manually click the 2 column box.

    And also in the desktop view.. My home page images are still not aligned. Could you please fix it.This is desktop view. Images are not aligned.

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    1. I checked your site it now display good http://take.ms/KhwlD

    2. Please update to new version to have option to set 2 products/row on mobile http://shopify.janstudio.net/claue/document/#updating-the-theme

    Best regards


    Hey there again

    How do i change the colour of the ”Add To Cart” button to green. And also can i make the Add To Cart full width?

    and also the Messenger subscription is not aligned in the center on both the mobile view and desktop view.

    Can you please fix this




    Please go to Theme Settings > Custom Code > Custom CSS and add below code http://take.ms/7S71q

    .form__atc--action.flex {display: inline-block;}

    Best regards


    Hey there

    How do i change the Add to Cart button to Green color please.? and also how do i make the ADD To CART to full width . Thank you



    Please add below code to Theme Settings > Custom Code > Custom CSS

    .form__atc--action .button--primary {
    	border-color: #56cfe1;
    	background: #56cfe1;
    	width: 100%;
    	margin-top: 15px;

    and change #56cfe1 with your color

    Best regards


    Hey there,

    Thank you for your fast reply. so far, everything is working good . i followed your steps, and its all good.

    Another problem i have is in mobile view, at the product description part, the product video width is not 100%.



    Please add below code

    iframe {max-width: 100%;}

    Best regards


    Hey , i love how you guys are responding superfast. Top notch customer service.

    How do i change the price colour. I want to make the original price color to red and the sale price to green on every product. how do i do that? and also how do i remove the sale tag on top of the product 



    We have received your review on Themeforest. Thank you so much. Back to your question, please use the custom CSS code below


    .product__price--original { color: red; }
    .product__price--sale { color: green; }
    .product__badge { display: none; }

    Hey there,

    Ive downloaded the new updated theme. Is there anyway for my previous saved theme to be updated in the new theme cos i have to manually update the new theme again which leads to time loss..



    Please follow our document at http://shopify.janstudio.net/claue/document/#update-without-losing-customize to update theme without lose your customize code.

    Best regards

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